Monday, April 20, 2015

Photoplay Magazine, April 1940 | Magazine Monday

Hello everyone! Long time, no see. Unless of course, you follow me on FB or Instagram then you've seen me almost everyday with some outfit or beauty post. *grin* Anyhow, I knew I want to do a post this evening but an outfit post was out of the picture as it is a perfect wind tunnel where I live today. As I pondered what I to do, I saw that the Boyer girls had a vintage magazine link-up going on right now so I decided to link up with one of my many vintage magazines. Seriously, I own stacks upon stacks of magazines from the early 1900s-1960s/70s.

The magazine I'm sharing with y'all today is a copy of Photoplay Magazine from April 1940. Hehe...I may or may not have picked this because it is April currently -- I like to do that sometimes when sharing vintage things from my collection. Anyhow, if you are unfamiliar to what the Photoplay magazine is, it was one of the first America film fan magazines that started back in 1911 in Chicago, IL.

::Fun Tidbit:: Photoplay merged with another fan magazine, Movie Mirror, in 1941; and with TV-Radio Mirror in 1977, when the name became Photoplay and TV Mirror. The magazine ceased publication in 1980 and its staff were moved to Us magazine.

Movie poster for the film, Virginia City [1940]. 
Hmm...things haven't changed much have they?
A fun little spread for the films: Too Many Husbands [1940] & My Favorite Wife [1940].
Look at that hat!
*sighs* That outfit on the bottom right looks simply divine for Easter Sunday.
So many familiar faces...Mickey & Judy. Fred MacMurray, Robert Taylor, Robert Shaw and Jack Benny. 
I like the back of this hairstyle, the front not so much. Too puffy for my taste.
A cosmetics ad for Max Factor. 

Well, I had fun sharing this magazine with y'all today, and I hope you all enjoyed this little peak.

What was your favorite page from the magazine that I shared?

~Ashley, xx


  1. The fashions in this magazine are so lovely Ashley! Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you on that "Easter Sunday" ensemble. But I think one of my favorite pages would have to be... The one with the rust/red colored suit and the plaid jacket. LOVE that!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I love the 8th phote, something about it is just so classic!


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