Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Fashion | Polyvore Picks

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Spring to arrive with its warm weather and sunshine filled days! To help me from becoming too eager for Spring, I have created some fun outfits on Polyvore for some inspiration for the coming months.

Minty Brunch

I really love the mix of casual with dressy [and the pops of color] that this outfit features. Also, isn't that mint blouse simply divine?!

Casual Weekends

Warmer means it is also safe for one for wear one's converse again. Of course, one could wear them during the winter months if there isn't any snow out -- then again, there was a reason why the costume department warned David Tennant about his Doctor wearing converse for the show, Doctor Who. *grin* Anyhow I love how the converse add a fun casual feel to an outfit that could easily go on the dressier side.

Summer Dreams

I seriously wish I could visit a beach about now. If I was going to be hanging out at a beach this is what I would wear: shorts, a lace top, one-piece swimsuit, sunglasses, and some sandals of course.

Remember NYC | London Style #1

This outfit has everything for those cooler temp Spring days: jeans [in a light wash for the warmer weather], leather jacket, booties, and, for some added fun, a graphic tee shirt.

Pineapple | NYC Style #1

Another great thing about the warmer weather, is that I can wear more novelty print skirts [if I had some that is]. I don't what has happened, but the past two winters I've become so full of electricity that it has become hard for me to wear skirts & dresses during the winter when I need to wear tights underneath them to keep my legs warm. I wear a slip and all, but everything just sticks to my legs and rides up in a not so lady-like manner. tsk, tsk. So I've become rather fond of jeans and pants for the winter time, so to say the least I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear my dresses and skirts again!
Which outfit is your favorite?

~Ashley, xxx


  1. I adore these! Thanks for the inspiration. xx

  2. Ah....I adore all of these soooooooooooo much!!! I would have to say though that the second one is my favorite:) I am a big fan of navy blue and right now I am in a huge sneaker phase, so I could see myself wearing this!!!

  3. You have such great taste in fashion! I love outfit #2 best. Converse are my absolute favorite and so is Doctor Who. :D

  4. Lovely outfits! I can't wait for the spring weather:)

  5. Mint and nautical stripes. Two of my Spring favorites!


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