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February Favorites | 2015

I'm not totally sure how to go about doing this post, especially since I have so many various favorites to share with y'all. Let's just dive into this head first and get right down to it. Okay?

Films + TV Shows
  • Divergent [2014] -- I do think this is the first "Teen series" that I have watched that has come out in recent years, and I surprisingly really liked it. The cinematography was beautiful, the soundtrack fit in beautifully with the storyline, and I liked how they developed the characters within this first film. Though I must admit, it was hard seeing Ansel Elgort's character as Shailene Woodley's brother, after watching TFIOS last autumn when he played her boyfriend -- so weird.  
  • The Hundred Foot Journey [2014] -- I heard that all of my foodie blogging pals loved this movie, plus it was directed by Steven Spielberg. How could it not be good? Gah! It was perfection! It was truly a feast for the eyes and ears, with the beautiful French scenery, the smashup of classical music with Indian music [which in a strange way, works].
  • Million Dollar Arm [2014] -- My family loves a good baseball film. It was great to see how they went about recruiting players for the MLB from India -- especially since we have friends who are from/travel to India and have a very basic understanding of the Indian culture [though we are always learning new things]. 
  • We Bought a Zoo [2011] -- I first saw this back in December, but my Mum had been wanting to see it too, so we rented it from Netflix so the whole family could enjoy it. It is one of those feel-good family movies, that shows how a father bonds with his children after their mother dies. 
  • Big Hero Six [2014] -- I have a weakness for Children's lit. in any media form, so of course I adore this film! You will laugh so hard that you may fall out of your seat, but you will also cry both tears of sadness and of joy!
  • Paddington [2015] -- Growing up I always loved the story of Paddington, so I was excited when I found out that there was going to be a live-action film staring some excellent British actors. This film will warm your heart and you will fall-in-love with the bear and the family who takes him in. 
  • Marvel's Agent Carter [2015] -- I've loved Peggy since the first Captain America film [which got me hooked on the whole Marvel fandom], so I'm thrilled that they created a whole show around her. Also can I just say, I totally ship Daniel and Peggy. Oh, I would also like to have a butler like Jarvis. 
  • Forever [2014-2015] -- Gah! I adore this show. It is a great mix between: Sherlock, Psych, and Doctor Who. Yes, I do mention this show a lot, but that is only because I want there to be a second season, so I want to get as many people hooked on this show as possible. 
  • The Hundred Foot Journey OST

  • Begin Again OST [not all of the songs, just some]

  • Geronimo by Sheppard
  • Champ de Mars Printed Top | Francesca's -- I've been styling this top several ways since receiving this top in the mail from them back in January. Love it.
  • Black Boyfriend Cardigan | Target -- A great everyday basic that I found on clearance. 
  • Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Fig -- This has become my go-to everyday berry toned lipstick. This one slants more over to the purple tones, but you can easily change the tone with a lip pencil underneath. 
  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24-Hour Eye Liner in Mink -- I've become obsessed with cream shadow sticks. I have some from Rimmel London and Make Up Forever, so I was excited to find out that Too Faced had some too, so I picked up a bronzy color [since that is my go-to color]. I haven't had any problems with it creasing on me and the color lasts all day. 
  • Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue & Smoothing Face Brush -- When I was colored matched for this product, I could have easily gone for two different colors -- one that totally matched my pale skin, while the other warmed up my skin a bit. I decided to go with the one that warmed up my face, since I have enough products that make me look like Snow White. *grin* I love how this product just melts into my face, and you only need a pea size of the product to cover the entire face.
What have y'all been loving during the month of February?

~Ashley, xx


  1. Oh my gosh -- I totally ship Daniel and Peggy TOO! But every time I want them to get together, I also feel a little guilty for not being loyal to Captain America ... but then, she doesn't know he's still alive, so it would be selfish to want her to live out the rest of her days in old maidenhood.

    And Forever ... seriously one if not THE best show on ABC right now in my opinion. I grew to like Agent Carter more as time passed but with OUAT on hiatus (and not being the best fourth season anyway), Forever has become my consistent favorite. So those of you who haven't watched it -- you need to start, so we can get a second season! ;)

    dance a real

  2. Loved this post. I still haven't seen Divergent, I have been meaning to watch it since my sister said it was really good. YES.....a fellow Daniel/Peggy shipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):) Agent carter is by far the best TV show ever and of course how could it not be when it is MARVEL and a sequel somewhat to Captain America who is my favorite (total fandom member)!!

  3. Ah, I love the Hundred-Foot Journey! Great movie!

  4. I was disappointed with Divergent... But you're right. The cinematography and soundtrack was fabulous.

    YES! The Hundred Foot Journey was good. My cousin (in Peru) recommended I watch it, so I did, on the flight back to the States. I liked it:)

    I really liked We Bought A Zoo. Watched it on the flight to Washington, D.C...

    I just watched Big Hero 6 last Saturday. Gosh, that movie roped my emotions in...

  5. Oh yes, my sister dragged me to Divergent, but I really liked it.
    I saw Paddington with my grandparents in AZ when I visited them, it was a cute movie.
    I have fond memories of the books, so seeing him "come alive" on the silver screen was fun.
    A modest fashion blog:

  6. I love cardigans. I own many, mostly solid colors because they are so versatile. Keep you warm, pull the outfit together, add a pop of color/texture, etc.
    I just looked at the link to the photo editing app. Totally want to try that out now! Thanks for sharing!


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