Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I Wore | Graphic Tee + Floral Print

Hello everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm longing for warmer weather to arrive in Central Indiana. It doesn't help that it felt like Springtime last weekend, and I was going around town in my trench coat. Gah! I love warmer weather and all the cute things that come with it! You can wear sandals, shorts, sundresses, drink lemonade, drive with the windows down, sit outside in the sunshine, etc... I suppose I should stop talking about warmer weather, especially since it could snow this weekend. #sadday

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan -- Forever 21 [hand-me-up from a Sister]
Tee Shirt -- c/o Fresh Apparel Denim Company
Palazzo Pants -- Forever 21 [$14.80]
Vita Booties -- c/o DUOBoots
Hoop Earrings -- JCP [$3]
Nail Polish -- Butter London in Toff [$7.50]
"" Color Club in Disco Nap [via Birchbox]

I've always been very comfortable within my skin and with how I look. Even during my teen years with all the acne that comes with it, I never would let it bother me and I would just shake it off as part of my beauty and growing up. Today I was having a no-makeup day, which I'm totally fine with, in fact it doesn't bother me to go outside and run errands without putting any makeup on [as I do it all the time]. Yet, I found myself disliking how I looked in the pictures I was taking for today's outfit. I was thinking "your face looks dead, tired, pale, etc..." "I should go put some makeup just for these pictures, to help me look more alive". But I stopped myself, and thought "you need to be more confident in what YOU look like and with your own skin." Also, I need to stay true to myself and to y'all and show that hey, I don't get all glamorous everyday with my outfits, hair, and makeup. True, makeup applied a certain way can help me look more awake, my eyes look more open, and I have more depth to my face [especially in pictures] -- but I don't really need it. #foodforthought

~Ashley, xx


  1. Huh, I wouldn't have noticed! I saw one of the middle pictures and thought, "She looks really pretty there," before I read about the makeup. :)

  2. I think you look really beautiful in these pictures! AND OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE YOUR PANTS

  3. You look just as pretty without makeup! :) I like that's such a pretty color!

  4. Love your pants!! I have a very similar pair and can't wait to wear them more this spring since the waist is elastic and will stretch with my growing middle (I'll be in my second trimester of pregnancy).
    And seriously!!! I didn't even notice you weren't wearing makeup! After you mentioned it and scrolled back through your pictures and was like, "Oh, okay... slight difference, but just as beautiful!". I know that I can look a bit tired when I don't wear makeup, but God has helped me work through many insecurities and I'm much more comfortable in my own skin now. :-D

  5. It's funny you would say that, because I honestly didn't even notice! You look beautiful either way ( with or without makeup). I think too often we're are own worst critique, especially in blogging.
    Lovely outfit, Ashley!
    A modest fashion blog:

  6. Aww I was just thinking you looked very fresh-faced and alive! Our perceptions of ourselves aren't always the truth. Something I am constantly having to remind myself of. :)

  7. I think you look pretty! Those palazzo pants are so cute!
    And I totally get how we can be so critical of our image when we aren't wearing any makeup. But I always say to myself that the best makeup is a smile, on your lips and in your eyes.

  8. You look lovely girlie! I love the color of the cardigan. And yes, I feel your pain with this cold weather. Warmer weather is so much better! Not only bc of shorts and sundresses like you mentioned, but being able to be outside without freezing! Spring can't come soon enough. :)

  9. I defintiely didn't notice you weren't wearing makeup. I was surprised to read it! You certainly have a great deal of natural beauty! I love the colors in this outfit and I think the no makeup look goes quite well along with it. :)

  10. Wow I totally thought you were wearing make up, you have such a lovely complexion!

    ~Esther of Oz


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