Saturday, August 2, 2014

What I Wore | "I Wanna Go Home"

Hello everyone! I'm one excited girl today. Why? My family is coming home today, after being away on vacation out West visiting National Parks & Cali. But before come home I need to tidy up the house, get all the kitchen towels washed, and change the sheets on the beds. Oh, yeah, I also need to cut the grass in the front yard. Hmm...perhaps I better get going.

Anyhow, last night I had some friends over for dinner & a movie. We had pizza with several snacks, watched part of Leap Year, and the entirety of Captain America: The First Avenger. We also browsed through Pinterest and fan-girled over pins for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Marvel. To say the least, it was fun. 
What I'm Wearing
Striped Tunic -- Anthropologie via Clothes Mentor [$6]
Bootcut Jeans -- GAP 1969 via Simply Chic [$4.80]
Long Necklace -- Simply Chic [$2.50]
Leopard Print Flats -- Target [$15]
Handbag -- Relic via Kohl's [gift]
Nail Polish -- OPI in Sweetheart

I wore this outfit to the Seniors Luncheon that we did back in July, like in the middle of the month. I wanted to wear something professional looking, yet comfy, as I was going to be dropping off a job application afterwards [I didn't get the job]. Lately, I've been finding myself wearing various cuts and washes of jeans -- which is great, since I used to wear only one type of wash & cut for several years. It is fun to discover new styles & washes, and how you can style them for different looks.



  1. I love this look Ashley! Striped flowy tops are my favorite! :)

  2. Love it!! It was nice seeing you at Clothes Mentor the other day!

  3. Super cute look! Your accessories really make it special. Also, is this title from the Michael Buble song? I have his autobiography :) . He's a really cool musician!


    My link:

  4. A very cute and classy outfit!


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