Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I Wore | Clara Oswald Inspired

Hello my lovelies! Today is Doctor Who day, since it is the start of series 8 is today. To celebrate the occasion, I wore a Clara Oswald inspired outfit from the following episodes: The Snowmen and The Bells of St. John. If I can locate pictures of the outfits, I will include them at the end of this post. Okay?

What I'm Wearing
Navy Shorts -- Target via Simply Chic [$3.20]
Polka-Dot Blouse -- c/o OASAP
Belt -- Forever 21 [$4.80]
Bow Post Earrings -- LC for Kohl's [Free after discount]
Red Satchel -- Forever 21 [$19.80]
Black Ballet Flats -- Steve Madden [Free with GC]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Mint Candy Apple
Lipstick -- Make Up For Ever in N9 Copper Pink 

So yes, I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who this afternoon whilst wearing this outfit. I had been planning to wear this outfit today, ever since I picked up these shorts at Simply Chic at the end of June during their big clearance sale [haul video can be viewed here]. Of course, this is the only outfit I can really copy of Clara's, since all of her outfits are for either winter or autumn. Perhaps once colder weather hits, I can copy more of her looks. Would y'all like that? Or would you like me to copy outfits/looks from other current TV shows?

Also, here are two Polyvore sets that I found on Pinterest that showcase the two outfits that I drew my inspiration from. :)
Clara Oswald - The Bells of Saint John, Outfit #2

Clara Oswald - The Snowmen



  1. Oooh! Pretty! :D I love Dr Who, it's on tonight in Aus! so excited! have you seen it yet?

    1. Yes, I have! It is an amazing episode!!! :D

    2. :D I'm so looking forward to it! I have my TARDIS necklace on, Have my hair like clara and am walking around saying Dr Who Quotes :D (It's morning here)

  2. I just had this amazing outfit moment!! I could easily "skirt-erise" this by wearing a short blue skirt, instead of the shorts!! excuse me while I go change!! :) :) :) -Abi

  3. i MUST find a blouse like that! love it!! ~Lee

  4. You look adorable! I love that purse!
    P.S. I like the alterations you made to your header!

  5. How cute and vintage! Polka dots and red always stands out!

    -Blaze Ann

  6. YES! you should totally do more Clara outfits!



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