Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What I Wore | 1970s Inspired

Recently I've been really inspired by the fashion of the 1970s, mostly because of the film, What's Up, Doc? [1972] with Barbra Streisand. Barbra's outfits are fantastic, in fact, me and Gaby are thinking about copying some of her outfits in the autumn and then share them with y'all.

What I'm Wearing
Floral Blouse -- Old Navy via Simply Chic [$6]
Bootcut Jeans -- GAP 1969 via Simply Chic [$4.80]
Booties -- Old Navy [$17]
Belt -- Forever 21 [$4.80]
Gold Post Earrings -- Click Six [$1.99]
Nail Polish -- Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather Collection in Plush Plum

This outfit came about from the floral blouse. It was hanging in my closet screaming for me to wear it, since I haven't worn it awhile -- not really sure why. As it is super cute, fits me really well, so I think it will be perfect for the upcoming autumn weather. Anyhow, at first I was going to wear skinny jeans with the blouse, but then I decided to swap them for bootcut jeans for a more 70s flair. To add to the 70s flair, I went with booties over flats -- it just seemed to work better.  

Also, sorry that I look kinda out of it in some of the pictures. I'm struggling with some serious seasonal allergies right now, so I feel kinda out of it sometimes. Not fun.

On a side note, I have somehow lost 7 comments that were left on Bramblewood Fashion last night. Not sure how that happened. So if you don't see your comment on either my last outfit post or the giveaway post, that is why.



  1. Ahhh! I love those jeans!!! And only $4.80? You look great!

    1. Thank you so much, Marianne! I know, I was super excited when I found these jeans for such a great price & in my size.

  2. SO cute! J'adore <3 I love how natural and easy this look is.


  3. I love that blouse Ashley. I hope you feel better soon!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. My family and I recently watched the sports movie Miracle and even though it was 1979-80, the men still had the typical idea of 70's look with the long hair, funny mustaches, and bell-bottoms (the coach had plaid bell bottoms, a particular horror for some of my sisters.
    I have some 70's (I think) patterns of my grandmothers, but they seem rather more timeless to me, but then I do not know too much of the 70's. . . I guess I should just look at my parent's pics; I remember one of my dad as a teen in bell bottoms. I think of maxi dresses for girls although I do not remember my mom wearing one.

  5. I love this outfit Ashley! I'm a big fan of 70s fashions- mostly the boho/romantic/Victorian revival side of things. :) I got a red velvet dress from the 70s at a thrift shop not to long ago, but am turning it into a 60s inspired Christmas frock. Floor length red velvet is just a bit much ;)

  6. Un style naturel et très élégant ! j'adore la coupe du pantalon !

  7. i like this! my grandma was a teen in the 1970s and i love to here her tell stories about it :) ~Lee

  8. Hi Ashly!! That is one outfit!!! I LOVE that look!!


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