Thursday, August 14, 2014

Delight Meet-Up + OOTD | Indiana Adventures

Hello lovelies! I went to my first meet-up today and it was for a Christian group that supports Christian girls who love the arts called, Delight and Be. The group is really fun & supporting, plus our group leaders are hilarious [hello Erin!]. Anyhow, our small group for Indiana had a little meet-up in Fountain Square [an artsy neighborhood in Indy] this afternoon for some fro-yo & antiquing.

To say the least, going to this meet-up encouraged me to do a blog meet-up sometime soonish. Would anyone be interested if I did a meet-up? I'm located in central Indiana, btw. Or would you like me to do a live-stream Q&A via Google+ and YouTube? Or both? :)
We went to this fun local organic fro-yo place called, The Cultured Swirl. The flavors I picked out were: Dutch Chocolate & Salted Carmel with various topping. It was delicious.
What I'm Wearing
Knit Hi-Low Dress -- c/o ChicNova
Lace Tank -- c/o OASAP
Chambray Button-Up -- J.Crew via Clothes Mentor [$14]
Bow Earrings -- LC for Kohl's [Free after discount]
Red Satchel -- Forever 21 [$19.80] (purchase here)
Combat Boots -- J.C.Penney [gift]
Lip Stain -- L'Oréal Colour Riche Lip Stain in Coral Tattoo [$2.98]

For the meet-up I knew I wanted to wear a fairly comfy, yet stylish outfit, since I wasn't too sure on everything we would be doing this afternoon. To fit the bill, I wore my black knit dress, lace vest, chambray button-up for a jacket [mostly because I don't like how my arms look in this dress], combat boots [they are comfy for lots of walking], and my red satchel bag for a pop of color [and to carry around all my stuff]. 

Originally, I was going to wear my hair down with some waves, but my hair refused to work with me. It was being kinda stubborn today, so I just threw it up in a gibson tuck -- simple & takes no bobby pins [at least for me]. y'all know how to do a gibson tuck? If you don't know how, would you like me to do a tutorial on that hair style? As it is super easy to do.



  1. I love that outfit!


  2. Oh how fun! I looked at the website of "Delight and Be", but couldn't find any information on local groups. How did you find out about yours? It looks like such an awesome ministry!

    Also, I love the lip color you're wearing! So trés chic! ;)


  3. So cute! I would love to see a hair-style tutorial! My hair is about your length, and I'm always struggling to find new ways to style it. Thanks!

    P.S.I love the look of that button-up layered over the dress and lace!

  4. Sounds like a great day! Indiana looks like a cool place to live.

    Ireland from Ireland Rhea


  5. I have the same question as Charlotte - how did you find out how to join a "delight and be" local group?

    thanks for the post!


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