Thursday, August 21, 2014

Autumn Wish List | Fashion & Beauty Picks

You know what, guys? I seriously think that autumn is my favorite season for various reasons. You can wear boots of all kinds, wear scarves & jackets, the fun plummy/berry toned makeup, and then there are all the fun Starbucks drinks. Oh, and the autumn candles at Bath & Body Works are my favorite! To say the least, I'm excited to share my top picks of things I would love to own this autumn [or similar options].
1. Forever 21 Textured Faux Leather Jacket [$44.80] -- I've been really into leather jackets lately. Of course, it is way too warm to wear any right now, but I would love to own either a black or tan faux leather jacket. Especially since I'm really into Parisian and classic styles right now.

2. Steve Madden Heaven Leather Ballet Flat [$39.95] -- Umm...I don't own ANY black flats. In fact, my only black pair of shoes all feature a heel or wedge. Also, I'm applying to some fashion/beauty jobs right now, and I feel like a pair of classic black ballet flats are seriously needed in my wardrobe. I'm hoping to pick up a pair today, as I have a DSW $10 off coupon and a gift card.

3. J.Crew Factory Printed Draped Tank [$39.50] -- I love a classic striped top, and this looks like a great basic to be added to my wardrobe.

4. Two Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Shadow Collection [$36] -- Recently I've been really eyeing the Two Faced products, not sure why. Anyhow this eyeshadow palette as really jumped out at me & the colors look beautiful. Has anyone tried out the Two Faced eyeshadow palette's? Let me know what you think about them down in the comments.

5. Bath & Body Works Vanilla Chai 3-Wick Candle [$22.50] -- I haven't smelled this candle yet, but it sounds amazing! I adore chi tee all year-round, so to say the least I'm excited to check this candle out. I just hope it doesn't smell too sweet, as I can't really stand those: only fresh or spicy scents.

6. Two Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Peony [$21] -- Yes, another Two Faced product. Of course, I had to included one lip product in this wish list. If you know me, I like to keep at least 5-10 lip products in my handbag. Crazy I know. Anyhow, I swatched this product back at the end of July & I really loved color payoff -- just haven't purchased it yet.

7. J.Crew Factory Midrise Skinny Cord [$64.50] -- As I've mentioned before, I love J.Crew's jeans since they fit me perfectly [which is hard for me, since most jeans gap in the back or are too baggy in the calf area]. To say the least, I would love to try their cords out sometime, since my Mum & sister, Gabrielle love them.

What is on your autumn wish list?



  1. This is so funny, you and Iris (over at Love, Iris) both posted your fall wishlist's at the same time!
    BTW LOVE the flats! <3

  2. Love your choices! I've swatches some Too Faced eyeshadows, and they always seem to have a lot of pigment and are easy to blend. I'm planning to head to Bath and Body Works this week to get a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. :)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Ooh...I'm not sure I've smelled B&BW's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle. I have the Pumpkin Caramel Latte one from last autumn and I really love that one. :)

  3. Oh, I have so many things on my wish list. Right now, I'm trying to find some discount converse. Thanks for sharing! You posts are always really inspiring.

  4. #1 a pair of boots
    #2 an infinity sarf
    #3 long sleeve cute shirt

    1. Those are all excellent things to have on your wish list, Abi.

  5. Fun wishlist! The Parisian look is fun. I look forward to seeing if you acquire any of these items. :)
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

    1. Well, I have purchased the Steve Madden ballet flats already. :) So I have one item checked off my list.

  6. Cute picks! I agree- I bet that candle smells fabulous!


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