Monday, June 2, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review | My Beauty Picks

A few months ago I was contacted by, Chelsea Allen an independent Jamberry Nails consultant, to test & review their nail stickers. I was excited to say the least, as I have always wanted to try nail stickers out. When I first opened up my package, I fell-in-love with the cute plaid design & thought it would be perfect for summertime. Sadly with my busy schedule, I didn't have anytime to devote to applying the nail stickers right away [all I had time for was 60 second drying nail polish] & I really wanted to take my time applying them and give the products a good chance at a great review. Fast forward to May when I  finally was home for several hours at a time, so I took the plunge and tried out the Jamberry Nails. This review is gong to be slightly different from ones that I have done in the past, as this time I would take a few minutes to write down my current thoughts [at the time] on the nail stickers each day that I wore them.

Thursday, May 15th [7:30 pm] -- It has been about 30 minutes since I first put the Jamberry nail wraps on my fingertips. They feel bubbly, and keep wanting to lift up on the edges. When applying the nail wraps, I kept adding heat & pressing them down with both my fingertips and the orange stick, but it doesn't seem to work. As of right now, I'm thinking this product isn't for me.

Thursday, May 15th [11:00 pm] -- I can't stand the feeling that nail wraps have on my nails, and I'm constantly touching them trying to smooth out the bumps and bubbles that I feels. Also no mater how much filing I do, the edges still feel rough. I'm going to try and keep these on for at least 24hours, but I'm not sure if I can last that long. I guess you can say, I'm a traditional nail-gal and that I like my nail varnishes. I really wish that I liked these, as there are some adorable patterns out there for nail wraps & they always looked so cute on other people.

Friday, May 16th [2:00 pm] -- I'm getting more comfortable with the nail wraps on. So far today, I have taken a shower, washed some dishes, done my hair, had breakfast and cooked some lunch, and have done some blog emails. The wraps don't feel like they are going to pop off any moment anymore, and I don't feel like I have to take them off right this minute. Hey! I might like these after all.

Saturday, May 17th [3:30 pm] -- Oh, well...these didn't work out for me after all. I was out shopping with my mom & sisters this afternoon and my hair got caught in my nail wraps. I have now taken them off, since I can't have my hair always getting stuck in my nails.

As you see, the nail wraps were a product fail for me. I know of several people who love & use nail wraps, so perhaps these are the perfect product for you and just not for me personally. Also they have a special, that if you buy 3, you get one FREE which is kinda awesome. So check Jamberry Nails out & decided if you think they will be the right fit for YOU.

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  1. Oh, that's too bad about the nail wraps. The designs ARE really cute.


  2. I tried the Dollar Tree version and covered them with 2 coats (intermittent) of Pink Armor nail gel and it got rid of the bumps and rough edges. I'm loving them!!

  3. That's a shame. They probably wouldn't work for me either, considering the fact that I don't have enough time to sit around and wait on my nails to dry, and I also do too much of work that is hard on my nails. They probably wouldn't last very long! They should consider ma king some that are hardier, and don't take so long to use. But the patterns are very cute! ~Heaven

  4. oh No!!! that's too bad... Jamberry nails works great on me and my family! there are tons of application tips that may work for you. Mine last two weeks without a problem. I can get them on in about ten minutes!


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