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Ipsy May 2014 | My Beauty Picks

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be talking about Ipsy & my May bag. I'm going to share what I received in my bag, what I think of the company, and just share my pros-and-cons regarding Ipsy [since this has been requested by one of my readers]. Also if you receive Ipsy bags, I would love to know what YOU received in your May bag! *grin*

First off, Ipsy is a monthly subscription site that costs $10 a month [they will charge your card between the 1st and the 4th every month]. When you signup, you will take a personalized beauty quiz to help the Ipsy team understand where you are in makeup, what products you like, what your skin tone/type is, etc.... Of course, even after taking the quiz they can't guarantee that you won't get certain products or colors. BUT if you review your bag every month in your Glam Room, this will help them understand even more what you do & don't like, plus you get 10 points for every product you review.    

What are these points good for? Well, I'm glad you asked as you can redeem these points for some awesome makeup & beauty products. For example: back in December I redeemed a 1,000 points for a free beauty blender. Right now they have up for grabs: a bareMinerals lipstick, NYX makeup set, etc... The products vary from month to month, as they usually sell out quickly of the higher-end brands/products. You will also get 250 points every time someone signs through your personal link. 

But enough about the company & how it works. Let's dive in and explore my May bag which was filled with mostly natural sun care products, skincare products, and only one makeup product this month. Now every month isn't like this bag, they aren't always filled with natural products or are only mostly skincare type products with just one or two makeup products. It varies from month-to-month, so I can't guarantee that they will always be like this May bag. Anyhow...onto the products that were inside my bag:

1. eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask [$12.00 for full size] -- I haven't tried this product out yet, mostly because I keep forgetting to bring it into the bathroom when I shower. But according to all the reviews on Ipsy it sounds like this is a great hair mask that helps make the hair silky soft. 

2. Jersey Shore Sun: Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen [$40.00 for full size] --  Again, I haven't tried this product out yet, but I have heard that it isn't that good at all and that it leaves your face white. Umm...that doesn't sound lovely, but I will still try it out and see how it works for me. 

3. derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub [$32.50 for full size] -- I know, I know...I seriously should have tested these all out before writing this review. It is just that I've been testing another scrub out for a review & giveaway, that I didn't want to mess up my skin by trying several scrubs out at once. Once I have tried this scrub out, I will let you know if I like it or not, but I'm sure I will as my mom uses some products from this company. 30% off coupon code: IPSY0514

4. Pacifica Natural Beauty Duo 1 [Celestial & Opal] [$14.00 for full size] -- I recently tried out this eyeshadow, and I really like it. The shadows are slightly powdery, but the color payoff when using a primer is amazing! When I'm wanting a more natural eye, I think I will find myself reaching for this duo. 25% off any purchase: ipsybeauty 

5. Please ignore this sample, as it was in my May Birchbox, not Ipsy. Since we have received Coola in our Ipsy bags in the past, I just threw it in assuming it was from Ipsy. Oops.   

6. Hey Honey: Take it Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Mask [$35 for full size] -- Once again, I haven't tried this out yet, mostly because I've just been crashing at night after either being out late or have been busy working on creating blog posts or videos. I could do a face mask while working, but I hate stopping once I'm on a writing/editing roll. Though my skin could use a face mask right now, as I can just feel the oil & grime on my face right now in this summer heat. 

Overall I'm very satisfied with my May Ipsy bag, since I've been into trying more skincare & haircare products recently. Of course, I also love it when Ipsy has months where the bags are filled with mostly makeup products too. *grin*    

Pros for signing up for Ipsy
1. You get amazing sized products for only $10 a month [mostly travel-sized & some full-sized]
2. It is a great way to try out new products, brands, and colors
3. Ipsy always have awesome coupon codes each month for the brands featured
4. They have a great reward system
5. Ipsy listens to their subscribers

Cons for signing up for Ipsy
1. You can get addicted to the site [it is true]
2. If trying out new brands isn't your thing, you won't like Ipsy
3. If you don't want to try new bolder colors out, you won't like Ipsy

Hmm...that's about all I think about, as Ipsy has really stepped up their game this year and have become amazing! They are definitely my favorite monthly subscription box, and don't plan on canceling my subscription anytime soon. 

Also, there is a blog survey for Bramblewood Fashion that I would love for y'all to answer! Thanks so much. Take the survey here.


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  1. Thanks, Ashley, for doing this review :) I'm still trying to figure out if Ipsy is right for me, so we'll see.




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