Friday, June 13, 2014

Dress for Success

What’s the common requirement for the weddings, Palm Beach holds and the business meetings you have at work? It is that the people have to be dressed nice in order to make a good impression. It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding, a birthday party or a job interview. If you want to be successful you need to dress for success.

When it comes to clothing for those who seek success, a jacket is absolutely needed. This year, it is highly recommended to have a white jacket. Besides the fact that the white color is on trend right now, this piece of clothing goes perfectly with tailored trousers, jeans and even pencil skirts. A great fitting blazer can help you look official and casual at the same time.

Choose black shoes and accessories. The black bag will always help you and for practical reasons, the dark color is always needed in your wardrobe. It is fancy and at the same time it’s functional. For office dressing, black shoes are recommended, for parties and other events, they are wonderful to have on hand.

Don’t forget about the makeup, which is better to be on the  minimalistic side. Successful people who wear too much make up can tend to be found mostly in show business. If you’re not in this sphere, try the monochromatic look and a simple hairstyle.

Remember a time when we used to match bags and shoes, dresses and accessories? Well, it’s coming back. This season, it’s all about matching your jacket to your clutch or bag. And if we’re talking about matching here, it is important to mention that the separates can be beautifully paired in the same shade. For example, a claret watch, scarf and wallet can make you look like modern royalty.

Clothes are huge impression-makers and of course, being successful presumes dressing up nice. But the most important thing that will lead you to the achievement of your goals is your attitude. Mix up the nice personality with the nice clothes and you’ll get the job of your dreams.

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  1. Yes, indeed--clothes are such great statement pieces of your attitude about life! I love dressing up, and it always makes me feel better, besides looking like I mean business :) On the side--who wrote this guest post?

    dance a real


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