Monday, June 16, 2014

Announcing the #1maxi3days Blog Event!

I'm excited to announce that our next 3 Days | 3 Ways blogging event is going to be THIS Friday through Sunday [June 20th - June 22nd]. This is when we all are going to style one certain thing for three days straight, without repeating our outfits. Oh, the thrill and challenge. ;-) What are we going to be styling together? Well, the votes are in and the winner is, by a landslide: Maxi Skirt. How fun, since some maxi skirts can be worn as a dress. Hint, hint.

This is where the fun part comes in, ALL of you can join in the fun too. Everyday there will be a link-y within my outfit posts, for you girls to link-up YOUR outfit post [using the maxi skirt of your choice for the event]. Personally, I'm going to be styling one my black knit maxi skirt for three days [but it isn't finalized yet]. But you can use any type of maxi skirt that you own: knit, cotton, chiffon, etc....

The are a few guidelines for y'all to follow, which comes with any event that I host.
  • Please, no revealing outfits. 
  • When creating your outfit post, either included one of the blog event buttons, and/or a link back to Bramblewood Fashion.
  • Don't have a blog? Post your outfit on instagram & use the hashtag: #1maxi3days
  • Don't have an instagram? Share your picture on twitter & use the same hashtag: #1maxi3days
To see how this challenge worked in the past, have a look over our event back in April.

1 Button Down | 3 Days| 3 Ways

1 Button Down | 3 Days| 3 Ways

I hope that some of you will join in the fun! Feel free to share about the event with your friends, FB, twitter, instagram, anywhere really.



  1. I. Am. SO. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a question, though, about the "authenticity" of our outfits :P I live on a farm so I don't usually dress up or anything if I'm not going someplace. Would you suggest "acting" like I'm going somewhere, or just dressing in a skirt in a casual manner--? I don't know if any of that makes sense. Anyway, advice would be appreciated from anybody! I can't WAIT for this :)

    dance a real

    1. I think that is totally fine, Hannah :)


    2. Either way works with me. :) I'm not too picky.

  2. This is exciting! Can't wait to participate!

  3. this is so exciting! it's funny, I just bought myself a maxi skirt about 2 months ago. lol:) but I don't have a facebook,instagram,twitter,or a blog, so I guess i'll just do it....without anyone knowing;)it'll be fun any way!!!

  4. Grabbing a button right this instant! I'd love to try to do this challenge! :-D

  5. I participated in the button-down challenge and am really excited to do this one as well!

  6. I'm in! Yahoo :)



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