Monday, June 9, 2014

22 Random Facts About Me

I was recently tagged by, Purity Leigh, to do the Sunflower Blogger Award tag. The rules are simple, first I share 11 random facts about myself, then I answer the 11 questions Purity gave me.

- Eleven Random Facts About Me - 
1. I'm a allergic to melons, bananas, apples, broccoli, macadamia nuts, and I'm thinking peanuts too.

2. Someday I would adore to live in London, UK.

3. I have been mistaken for being European in-real-life on several occasions. They are usually shocked when I tell them, no I'm an American.

4. I love collecting many things: vintage magazines, movies & TV Shows, sewing patterns, baseball cards, and books are just to name a few.

5. I'm addicted to Starbucks.

  6. Some of my favorite TV Shows are the following: Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C, That Girl!, Little House on the Prairie, Daniel Boone, Mission Impossible, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Road to Avonlea, Jeeves & Wooster, 24, Psych, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Graceland, Broadchurch, and Call the Midwife.

7. My favorite superhero is Captain America, with Spiderman coming in second.

8. I enjoy cooking big dinners with a meat, several dishes and dessert. My favorite dish to make is Fried Chicken, just like my great-grandma's.

9. My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers, and it has been our family favorite since the 1920s.

10. I find painting relaxing, sadly I haven't been able to do it for several years now. I enjoy working with watercolors, oils, and acrylic's.

11. My favorite modern day actors are: Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennent, Tom Hiddleston, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Armitage, Eddie Redmayne, Colin Firth [and not because of P&P], Matt Smith, James Corden, and Aaron Tveit just to name a few.

- Purity's Eleven Questions -
1. What was the last item you have made (sewn, crocheted, etc.)? My Sherlock tee shirt.

2. What is your greatest fear? Heights [yet, I adore flying], aquariums, and snakes.

3. What or who makes you laugh the most? My brother, Nathanael, as he never fails to make me laugh.

4. Who was the last person you smiled at today? Someone in my family, as I haven't seen anyone else.

5. When did you last finish a book? What book was it? The Help, and it was last night. It was really good, just don't recommend it for younger readers as their is some language & subject material that wasn't in the film.  

6. Name one of your hobbies. Collecting vintage books & vinyl.

7. What was the last scripture verse/passage you read? Feel free to share any thoughts you had on it! 1 John 1: 1-4.

8. What was your last vacation? What was the best thing you did while on vacation? Over Christmas in Florida, and the best thing I did was sit out on the patio reading Agatha Christie's & go outlet mall shopping with my mom and sisters.

9. What's your favorite type of blog post to write? What I Wore

10. What's your favorite comfort food? Fried chicken, pizza, and ice-cream.

11. What is your favorite flower? Poppies, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, and Peonies.

- My Eleven Questions -
1. What is your favorite book?
2. Where did you last travel too?
3. Favorite beauty product?
4. What is your biggest dream?
5. Are you a tea or coffee person?
6. What is your favorite season?
7. Favorite type of music to listen to?
8. Do you enjoy watching sports? If so, what is your favorite sport[s] & teams?
9. Favorite author of all time?
10. Favorite summertime activity?
11. What is something you hope to learn this year?

I tag all of my readers to do this tag! You can either do it on your blog [if you have one] and leave a link down below in the comments, or just do it in the comments. *smile*

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  1. I read The Help too and it 's a great book" nothing to compare with the movie where too much was cutted!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. 1. What is your favorite book?
    As of now, "Swordbird" by Nancy Yi Fan

    2. Where did you last travel too?
    Ocean Shores, WA

    3. Favorite beauty product?

    4. What is your biggest dream?
    To travel to places and experience the culture and food there.

    5. Are you a tea or coffee person?

    6. What is your favorite season?

    7. Favorite type of music to listen to?
    Christian Rock

    8. Do you enjoy watching sports? If so, what is your favorite sport[s] & teams?
    I enjoy watching some sports, but I don't have a favorite team though.

    9. Favorite author of all time?
    My childhood favorite would be Erin Hunter.

    10. Favorite summertime activity?
    Running and eating fresh fruit

    11. What is something you hope to learn this year?
    To be relaxed and able to adapt under pressure.

    Thanks again for the questions! :)

  3. Ha- how weird! I am also allergic to apples, bananas, melons, fresh fruit and the such.

  4. I can't wait to do this tag! I loved all your answers! That would be pretty awesome to be mistaken as a European!

    1. Here's my answers!

  5. Great Post Ashley!

    1. Favorite Book and Prejudice is difinatly a favorite, and i also love the Hunger Games trilogy. And Reedeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

    2. Where did you last travel to?
    Texas to visit grandparents

    3. Favorite beauty product.
    probably lip stuff

    4. Biggest dream
    To travel around Europe. I would love to live in London too!

    5. Tea or Coffe?
    definatly tea. i like coffee.....sort of, but i only drink it if i'm REALLY tired.

    6. Favorite Season
    Spring and Fall

    7. Favorite type of music
    that's almost as bad as favorite book :D. Um...probably classical, or just contemporary christain (not rock or rap though)

    8. Do you enjoy watching sports.
    Not really

    9. Favorite Author
    Wow..... Jane Austen, Janette Oke, Beverly Lewis, Francine Rivers, Steven Bly, Kathryn Lasky, and just because of the Hunger Games Suzanne Collins.

    10. Favorite Summertime Activity
    picnics, and swimming

    11. What is something you hope to learn this year?
    to not be such a packrat! hehe!

    Great questions!

  6. Mission Impossible and the Dick Van Dyke show are two shows I enjoy too! Based on the list of shows you like, you might like to try the first 2 seasons of The Man from Uncle (later seasons deteriorate greatly in quality). It's available on the Darewall and a few episodes are at Daily Motion, but I don't think it's on Youtube.

  7. Based on the shows that you like, I really think that you would enjoy watching My Three Sons. The first two seasons are especially hilarious!!!

  8. My answers to questions:
    1) Alone yet not alone
    2) Oklahoma
    3) Hair straightener
    4) To have children
    5) Tea
    6) Winter(I know, I'm weird
    7) Bluegrass
    8) Oh, yeah! Football: Oklahoma Sooners
    9) Tracy Leininger Craven
    10) Swimming
    11) To speak kind words for more than one day

  9. How fun this was, Ashley! I answered the 11 original questions as well as the ones that you asked. Some of the questions definitely made me stop and think. :)

  10. I love this post! From what you just wrote, you sound like someone who I'd hang out with :) And I understand where people are coming from when they said you looked European. Lol. You could pass as English.

    1. What is your favorite book?
    Well, if I had to choose from so many... 'Jacob Have I Loved' by Katherine Paterson- a coming of age story set in the 1960s about a twin who feels out shined by her sister, and 'Monster Blood Tattoo' by D.M. Cornish- by an Australian author. The prose is really good, even if it is a book made for teenagers! It's the perfect amount of floweriness! What Shakespeare should be, but toned down so that we can understand! Haha! Please read these if you haven't ;)

    2. Where did you last travel too?
    The U.S. I stayed for just over two weeks, and wish I had stayed longer. Love it there so much that when I returned home I was sort of feeling a bit discontent. Hope I can live there one day!

    3. Favorite beauty product?

    4. What is your biggest dream?
    To do something that will go down in history. Something good, but it doesn't matter if it's big or small. Just to end up in history books would be cool.

    5. Are you a tea or coffee person?
    Both. Tea when I'm cold. Coffee when I'm tired and cold.

    6. What is your favorite season?
    Winter because the cold makes us more thankful for the sun. :)

    7. Favorite type of music to listen to?
    My dad's music! Which is mostly 1970's folk-rock stuff. But my favourites are Beatles, America, and Josh Groban.

    8. Do you enjoy watching sports? If so, what is your favorite sport[s] & teams?
    Tennis. Fav player is Pat Rafter. Also, watched a baseball game when I visited NYC. Was very exciting, and I would probably be a fan if I were American!

    9. Favorite author of all time?
    O. Henry, for his witty, short stories.

    10. Favorite summertime activity?
    Reading and drawing.

    11. What is something you hope to learn this year?
    Haha! To grow up!

  11. What a fun post!

    1. I don't know! I love so many, but I would say the Chronicles of Narnia series.

    2. The Outer Banks

    3. Mary Kay liquid foundation or Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara

    4. To make a positive impact in the lives around me.

    5. Definitely tea, I do not like coffee at all!

    6. Summer

    7. Christian Contemporary

    8. Yes, I enjoy watching football and basketball. NC State is my team, go wolfpack!

    9. C. S. Lewis

    10. Swimming and Reading

    11. How to display joy and kindness everyday.

  12. Love number 3! Hubby thought I was lying when I told him I was American! He swore I was French. :)

    Oh, and I answered on my blog!

  13. This was cool! Here are my answers:


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