Saturday, June 21, 2014

#1maxi3days | Day 2

Hello lovelies! It is day two of the #1maxi3days challenge, and I can't wait to see y'alls outfits for today. I've been feeling much better today, in fact I've been working on tidying up my room & reorganizing things. Yeah, I kinda like reorganizing my room every several months, or sooner. It is amazing how much stuff you can collect in a short span of time, of course, a good number of it is books and I'm trying to find ways to make my bookshelves grow. *grin*

What I'm Wearing
Knit Maxi Skirt -- Forever 21 [$13.80]
Grey Knit Tee -- c/o OASAP
Converse -- Gift
Statement Earrings -- Target [$7.99]
Baseball Cap -- Gift
Lipstick -- e.l.f Matte Lip Color in Natural [$3]
Lipgloss -- NYX Mega Shine in Beige

As y'all can see, I went for a sporty casual look. Which is a style that I typically don't wear very often, except for Major League Baseball games during the summer & fall. I think I found a new outfit, as it very comfy with the tee shirt, maxi skirt, and converses. Then for sun protection & showing my team spirit, I donned my Detroit Tigers baseball cap.

As a reminder, please link up the direct link to your blog post, not your main blog link. Thanks. You can link up your outfit for today below [Instagram, Twitter, and FB hashtag: #1maxi3days]:



  1. Aw, cute! My outfit was actually amazingly similar to yours today, although yours is much more feminine. I should really try to get one of those tees which are actually made for women, because unisex tees can be very unflattering, especially on my frame. Thanks for the inspiration!

    dance a real

    1. Yeah, unisex tops always look best on guys, rather than us gals. :) And that's funny that we wore similar outfits. Great minds think alike. ;)

  2. That's a very cute and casual outfit! I tend to have trouble figuring out how to style my skirts casually without looking weird. This is really nice, and the earrings are SO PRETTY! I'm glad your feeling better!

    1. Really?!? That's funny, as that is one of me & Gaby's specialties, knowing how to style skirts casually. What do you have trouble with the most?

  3. Really cute! I love the baseball cap, I'm such a baseball cap fan, they are fun to wear and add lots of personality and playfulness to an outfit. :)

    1. They really do! Especially if it is a well fitting baseball cap. :)

  4. This looks marvelously comfortable and the maxi skirt keeps it all very feminine!


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