Friday, June 20, 2014

#1maxi3days | Day 1

Hello lovelies! It is day one of the #1maxi3days challenge, and I can't wait to see y'alls outfits. Right now I'm getting over being sick, so I'm not at my full strength yet. So I'm kinda faking in these outfit posts, because I kicked off my shoes, took off my hat & necklace as soon as the photo-shoot was over & curled up in bed. I was planning on going through my wardrobe today, and get rid of anything I wasn't in-love with and sell my unwanted stuff to my local resale shop. Guess, that isn't happening today.

What I'm Wearing
Polka-Dot Tee -- Charlotte Russe via Instagram Sale [$?] 
Knit Maxi Skirt -- Forever 21 [$13.80]
Flats -- Old Navy [$4]
Floppy Hat -- Forever 21 [$10 or so]
Necklace -- Borrowed from Gaby [thrift store]
Lipstick -- NYX Butter Lipstick in Fizzies

Today I kept my outfit fairly neutral with just a pop of color with my lipstick & shoes. For added interest I threw on one of my floppy hats, this one is from Forever 21 several years ago, which also adds a bit of European flair. Tomorrow I'm thinking about keeping my outfit really casual and laid-back. 

As a reminder, please link up the direct link to your blog post, not your main blog link. Thanks. You can link up your outfit for today below [Instagram, Twitter, and FB hashtag: #1maxi3days]:



  1. So pretty! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So fab, Ashley! I'm so sorry about your being sick. That's no fun at all :(

    I love the photos in this post! So pretty! Sadly, I've decided to chicken-out of doing this challenge since I have just made/purchased some new clothing items that I can't wear with my maxi, but really want to style right now so... Maybe next time :D

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your outfits!


    1. Ah, Charlotte, that sounds like something Gaby would do. ;) She never could wait to wear her new clothing items. ;)

  3. This is so beautiful--love that maxi! I'm sorry you don't feel well, though :( I hope you feel better soon!

    dance a real

  4. Very cute Ashley! I like the pokadots and pops of fuschia/pink. Lovely!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. You are just fabulous! I can't believe how great you look, despite being sick. Feel better girly!

  6. So darling! Those flats are a really beautiful color, love them! Sorry you aren't feeling well. :(

  7. Love it Ashley! That top is so cute!

  8. Such a lovely outfit, as usual. :) Your shirt is beautiful!

  9. Really pretty outfit!!! It's really Paris chic :)


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