Friday, February 21, 2014

What I Wore | Madewell Style for Spring + Thrift Store Haul

What I'm Wearing
Silk Sundress -- Madewell [$20]
Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store [$8]
Leggings -- Old Navy [$5]
Lace Socks -- Forever 21 [$2.80]
Combat Boots -- JCPenny [gift]
Bow Ring -- Madewell [gift]
Necklace -- Forever 21 [$5.80]
Nail Polish -- Rimmel London 60 seconds in I Lilac You [gift] 

Hello everyone! 
This morning I ran some errands to pickup my allergy medicine [since I was all out], supplies for some fun craft & sewing projects that will be featured in upcoming tutorials, and some fun spring stuff at Forever 21 & Meijer. This evening I'm hoping to show my sister, Hanne-col the movie, The Help -- since it is one of my favorites. Who knows? Perhaps Gabrielle will join us too.

Today's outfit is very fun & hipster-like. I wore my favorite Madewell tunic/dress over a pair of leggings this time. Typically I stay away from wearing leggings, mostly because my ankles are freakishly skinny and I don't like how they look in leggings. But, since I wore my combat boots & I layered some lace socks over the leggings, you can't see my freaky skinny ankles. *smile* Anyhow...since it was in the 30s today, I paired my jean jacket for my dress & a long necklace from Forever 21 that I just picked up today. I'm kinda in love with today's outfit. As it is comfy, yet looks stylish. My favorite kind of outfit. 


This past weekend our favorite local thrift shop had the clearance area marked down for 80% off, and I was able to pick a number of things for $20 total. Whoopee!



  1. Lovely outfit - the dress is so pretty and I love the nail colour! :)

  2. I love this! The dress compliments your figure and skin tone beautifully - really, this is a lovely combination. :)

    I've wanted to see The Help but haven't got around to it yet. Hm, guess I'll have to remedy that...

  3. Love this outfit Ashley! So on trend, and so you! I have the same problem with skinny ankles. Lol...I'm always struggling to choose the right shoes/pants/skirt combination. I love how you put socks and combat boots with a very feminine dress. :)

  4. This is really cute- the colors look perfect on you and the boots are adorable!

  5. Super cute, Ashley!!
    You look like Clara from Doctor Who!
    A modest fashion blog:

  6. One of my favorite outfits you've ever posted! You look adorable.

  7. What a sweet outfit, Ashley! :) I like how you styled your summer dress for the winter.

  8. I love this dress! It looks so lovely with the jean jacket. I almost think I would dress it up sometimes too! Keep the jean jacket but add more sheer tights, a top knot and some twisted and layered pearls! So pretty the way you've done it too! So pretty! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I love it! Especially the dress/boots combo...It's something that I do all the time, and I love realizing that other people do that, too:)



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