Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Room + Closet Tour

My room & closet tour post is finally here! Yay! I'm going to be sharing both pictures & a video, also, I share a bedroom and closet with my sister, Hanne-col [17]. So you will be seeing both of our stuff, but I'll be focusing mostly on my things. *smile* The above picture is of our inspiration board, that we just put up last week. We dearly love it already. 
Just a small sampling of my record collection. What can I say? I rarely pay over 50 cents for them, and sometimes, our book sale just gives them away for FREE, so naturally I collect them like books.  
Talking about books, I love collecting and reading old books. I collect books on history, biographies, fiction published from the 1970s & earlier, classics, poetry, cookbooks, hair & beauty, interior-decorating, on the making of movies/TV shows, etiquette, children's books that I loved growing up, and of course, fashion & sewing. I also have within my collection: a first edition copy of On the Banks of Plum Creek, a copy of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens from 1867; German Psalter from the early 1800s, chemistry book from 1810's, I also own one of the first tour guide books for Paris ever published. So, you can say, that I like having a bit of history within my collection, kinda like a museum.   
I also love having my walls covered in art work of some kind. My walls aren't finished yet, so I have *some* room for growth. In the above pictures I have the following on my corner of the walls [from Left to Right]: The cover album of Frank Sinatra's Strangers in the Night album [the frame is from IKEA]; a trio-of printed paintings of an Edwardian girl growing up [from childhood to motherhood]; Claude Monet's Japanese Bridge that I bought at Michaels years ago; 1950s vintage coral dress that no longer fits me; oil painting of a sunflower that I did in a art class; Paris wall art that I won in a giveaway; and a picture of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's that I picked out in a blog sale swap.  
My bed & nightstand area are beneath the art wall. My bed, "nightstand", bedside lamp, and sheets are all from IKEA. I sewed the green decorative pillows back in 2004 [I was 14 guys! Gosh, time flies]; the floral shams are from IKEA; the white one...hmm... no clue, we have had it for years, Union Flag pillow was a Christmas gift from my best friend, Achaia; and I won the quilt in a giveaway from Marie-Madeline Studio. If you are curious as to what books/magazines are on my nightstand, let me relieve your mind: Southern Living 1001 Ways to Cook Southern, InStyle magazine for February 2014, TeenVogue magazine for March 2014, Taste of Home magazine for February/March 2014, J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide winter of 2013, and Boden's 2014 spring catalog. 
Here are me & Hanne-col's bed's side-by-side. Her bed stuff is all from IKEA. 
 This is Hanne-col's desk area, yes, sometimes I will use her desk, which by the way, is from IKEA [so is the chair & bookshelves]. You can also see my dress-form, which sometimes I use to create outfits from my closet, hence Lizzy is in my room right now [instead of in my sewing area downstairs].
Here is the top of my Hanne's & I dresser [the dresser was donation to our Dad's ministry way back in the 90s], which I was able decorate with my things [since she has her desk]. This is where I put my record player [right now I'm loving this Paris record which has the sounds of the city, along with Parisian type music.], candle collection, beret, vintage hand-mirror, nick-nacs, and some souvenirs from my trip to London back in 2009 [tube passes].
   From this angle you can see more of my nick-nacs: Belle from Beauty & the Beast, Norwegian girl that was made in Norway [we are part Norwegian, hence the Norwegian girl], picture frame [with one of my favorite pictures from my early blogging days], and a vase.  As you can see on the wall, we have a mirror [via Marshalls in 2003], and a bunch of black & white pictures of Audrey Hepburn and some other actresses from Old Hollywood. 
Right next to our dresser we have our IKEA Alex 9 drawers, which holds [inside]: some of our jewelry, nail polish, makeup, small bags, hair-bows/headbands/hair flowers, and other random stuff. On top of the drawer set I have my owl tree with holds all of my dangly earrings [by style & metal], perfume collection [mostly samples and Bath & Body Works], box of push-pins, and a little pot that holds my candy & gum [the pot is from IKEA]. 

Alright-y, from the above video you should now have a good idea on how my room & closet look. I'm going to do a separate post focusing mainly on our closet at a later date, otherwise this post is going to be super long and filled with a ridiculous amount of photos. 



  1. Love the book collection! mine keeps growing I keep buying more pre fab bookcases... but it's helpless. :) What a lovely collection! Also, the desk area is so cute and I LOVE the little cowgirl print. :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Your room is so gorgeous! Love all the old books especially! :)

  3. Adorei como vocĂȘ organizou todas suas coisas favorita em seu quarto. Lindo Beijos...

  4. Beautiful! I hate to admit it, but at the moment my closet and room are a disaster!!! You've inspired me to go clean it!!
    Thank you ;)
    A modest fashion blog:

  5. Love how you have books everywhere. :) Makes me want to get off the computer and go read. ...I think I will! :)
    ~ Amber

  6. Okay your room is ridiculously perfect. Stop it:P haha


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