Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

Today, if he was still alive, would be Ronald Reagan's birthday -- one of my favorite old Hollywood actors! The very first film I saw him in was, Knute Rockne: All American [1940], of course, way back when I first saw this film I had no idea that he was ever President of the United States. Yeah. I was young, and didn't really read history books past World War two at that time.

Anyhow, since 2009, I've been working on seeing most of Ronnie's films and so far I've seen about 22 of his films -- thanks mostly to TCM since most of his films are really hard to find on DVD, or even VHS.

Some of my favorite films of his are, well...all of them! He was such a great actor, that I really love every acting roll that I've seen him in.

Of course, there are some films that I love more than others. Those are the following:

  • Hong Kong (1952) Starring:: Ronald Reagan, Nigel Bruce, and Rhonda Fleming.
  • Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) Starring:: Ronald Reagan
  • Storm Warning (1951) Starring:: Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, and Doris Day 
  • That Hagen Girl (1947) Starring:: Ronald Reagan and Shirley Temple.
  • Desperate Journey (1942) Starring:: Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn, Raymond Massey, Ronald Sinclair, Alan Hale, and Arthur Kennedy.
  • The Angels Wash Their Faces (1939) Starring:: Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan, and The Dead End Kids.
  • Million Dollar Baby (1941) Starring:: Ronald Reagan and Priscilla Lane.
  • The Voice of the Turtle (1947) Starring:: Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Parker, and Eve Arden.
The Voice of the Turtle [1947]
If you ever want to see a film with a character who as all of my little quirks, be sure to check out the film, The Voice of the Turtle [1947] -- as me & Eleanor Parker's character, Sally, are like two peas in a pod when it comes to our little quirks [the way we make our beds, talk to inanimate objects, don't want to hurt the feelings of things, how we clean when nervous & people are coming over, etc...].    

What are some of your favorite Ronnie films?



  1. I... have got to say, this is the first blog I've ever seen do a Happy Birthday post for Reagan the ACTOR, haha. He was one of my dad's favorite old-school actors, too! And the original celebrity-turned-governor, haha.

    1. Yeah, most people focus on his life as President, but I like to remind people who he was before he entered politics. :)

  2. Happy birthday, Ronald Reagan! I just love him!! Not only was he a great actor, but I think he was just a wonderful man period. Oh, Ash, have you seen King's Row?? Ronnie does an excellent job in it. Of course, anything with him is great... I agree with you there. :) Oh, Voice of the Turtle... a favorite! Out of your favorites that you mentioned I've only seen Desperate Journey and Voice of the Turtle! My gracious. I better get watching!
    Love you soooo much, dearie! I've been missing you. xox Kay

    1. Yes! I was able to see King's Row back in December. He was excellent in that, but then of course, when isn't he? :)

      Girl, you need to start seeing more Ronnie films, as those are some his best [in my mind]. Do yo own any of them, but just haven't watch them? Just curious. :)

      I've been missing you too, Kay!
      ~Ash xox

  3. Ash~ No, actually, I don't own any of those Ronnie movies! I almost can't believe it! I know, I know... I NEED to see more Ronnie movies!!! Mwah! xoKay


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