Monday, December 23, 2013

What I Wore | Anchors + Gingham + Polkadots

What I'm Wearing
Gingham Blouse -- J.Crew ($13)
Anchor Print Shorts -- Old Navy ($1.97)
Bow Ring -- Madewell (gift)
Sandals -- Forever 21 ($7.95)
Bloom Necklace -- c/o Swell Caroline
Fedora -- Forever 21 ($?)
Wayfarer Sunglasses -- Kohl's ($?)

Happy Christmas Adam everyone! *smile* Do you get it, Adam comes before Eve, you know Christmas Eve. I'm wearing some shorts that I found at Old Navy a few months ago on clearance for $1.97. Normally I wouldn't go for the white shorts with neon anchors on them, but they look so J.Crew that I had to try the style out. Now I think they are rather fun, besides you can't beat the price. As you can see I styled the shorts in a way that is J.Crew inspired: with the statement necklace, gingham blouse, and fedora.

So it is day three on the beach and I've already finished reading two books, they are also both by Agatha Christie -- who has quickly become my new favorite author. The two titles that I've read so far on the trip are the following: Murder on the Orient  Express & Hickory Dickory Death -- both excellent books! Today I'm planning on reading, By the Pricking of my Thumbs by: Agatha Christie & Life with Jeeves by: P.G. Wodehouse. As you can see, British authors are my favorite to read, the only two non-British authored books I brought on the trip are some of Grace Livingston Hill's books and Ginger Roger's autobiography.      



  1. Agatha Christie is one of my favorites, as well! I have very nearly every book she ever wrote. When the mystery bug strikes me, she is the first author that I go to.

  2. I read a lot of Agatha Christie books this year. She is a great author! I think you'll enjoy By the Pricking of My Thumbs. Have you read Ten Little Indians and Crooked House by her? They were my favorites.

  3. Love the outfit. So jealous that you are able to wear skirts! :)) I'm all bundled up in jeans and sweaters nowadays.

  4. Love your shirt! The color is great on you! Funny to see you wearing shorts right now though! It's snowing and forty deg. Where I am right now! Lol!
    A modest fashion blog:

  5. I love Murder On the Orient Express! It is a really good book. :) Also, love the whole Christmas Adam thing, I have been saying that a couple years now since a friend told me about it. Merry Christmas!
    ~Rachel K.

  6. I love Agatha Christie's books! I read Murder on the Orient Express a couple of years ago while we were on vacation in Florida. And coincidentally, I just ordered one of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves books and can't wait to read it...I've never read any of them before but keep hearing about how hilarious they are.

  7. Ash!
    Lovely... so J.Crew. *smile* Mom and all of us girls have decided that you look fabulous -- we have always thought you were adorable, but you just look extra beautiful now!
    Oh, maybe I should read an Agatha Christie novel... they sound so good. You'll have to tell me if Ginger Roger's autobiography is good!
    Love you so much! Happy Christmas Adam to you too!
    xoxox Kay

  8. Love the outfit! So cute and feminine!
    Happy Christmas Adam! :)

  9. I love those shorts! How adorable! I really like the fedora too!


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