Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello from the Beach!

Hello everyone! Right now I'm down in Florida where it is sunny & warm -- it is lovely! Since I'm down here, I'm going to try and do some more blogging (be prepared to see lots of summery outfits) & perhaps some videos too. My plans for down here are to lay out in the sun, read lots of books, visit the pool, and I really want to visit the Outlet mall and do a little shopping. *grin*

Also, since my bathing suit no longer fits me, I found this beautiful retro-looking one at Target. Now, the front part does come down a little low for my taste, so I'll be buy a bandeau to wear underneath (since the suit is in a halter-style). Otherwise it is simply adorable and looks very 1950s.

Well, I better get going...I have a some Agatha Christie's & Grace Livingston Hill books calling my name!

Also, what is some of your favorite to listen too while on the beach? If you do that sort of thing. Or if you don't listen to music while on the beach, what do you like to read whilst getting some sun?



  1. Oh, wow! I hope you're having fun and I can't wait to see some summery outfits! That bathing suit is adorable and the beach is gorgeous!

  2. I've got that same bathing suit! I love it, it is SO cute and retro and adorable! A red bandeau would be adorable underneath, I think.


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