Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Wore | #Throwback 1972 Inspired Outfit

What I Wore
White Blouse -- H&M (hand-me-up // free)
Sweater Vest -- Talbots Kids (Secondhand // free)
Bell-Bottom Jeans -- Faded Glory (Secondhand // free)
Oxford Heels -- Forever 21 ($21)
Floppy Hat -- Target ($5)

I woke up this morning wanting to wear a vintage inspired outfit. One problem, most of my vintage inspired skirts & dresses don't fit me right now -- which is awful. When glancing over my closet hoping to find something vintage inspired that would fit, I found these Faded Glory jeans that were labeled: 1972 bell-bottom jeans. Awesome. I don't usually go for the 70s look, but since I wanted to do wear something vintage inspired, why not try something new for a change. I hopped over to Pinterest to get a quick idea on what to pair with my jeans that was 70s inspired: I came up with this sweater vest & collard blouse. For shoes I knew I had to wear heels (otherwise my pant legs would drag on the ground), so I went with my oxford heels, which I have been wanting to pull out for awhile now. For a fun accessory I pulled out my burgundy floppy hat, I would have worn some hoop earrings too, but they have gone missing. Hmm...perhaps they fell behind my dresser.    

   (source: #1pic & #2pic)

What do y'all think? Does the outfit look very 1970s to you? 



  1. LOVE IT, Ash!! The 70s is an era I love to wear. You did a great job putting this outfit together! It really does look 70s inspired.

    Love you SOOOO much!!!!

  2. It IS a very cool look. I love the sweater-vest!

  3. I love the style of those vintage jeans

  4. I love your outfit (killer hat!) I think it's very reminiscent of the 70's, but at the same time it's not "costumey", you know? xx


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