Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I Wore | Polka-dots for the Weekend

What I'm Wearing
Polka-Dot Blouse -- c/o OASAP
Jeans -- Ann Taylor Loft via Thrift Store ($12)
Flats -- Ruche ($15)
Bracelet -- J.Crew ($10)
Anchor Post Earrings -- c/o Swell Caroline
Lip color -- e.l.f Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper ($1)

Hello everyone! Ever since I received this blouse from OASAP back at the end of August, I've been wearing it just about every weekend with these jeans & flats. You can say, it is my go-to outfit for the weekend, as it is the perfect mix of dressy & casual. Do you have a go-to outfit for the weekend?



  1. I love it! Polka-dots seem very "in" lately and I like seeing them :)

  2. Adorable blouse! I love the colors :0


  3. Love the blouse! The colors looks great on you. Plus I'm a sucker for polka-dots. :) I tend to dress down..a lot, on the weekend. Unless I'm doing something fancier, of course. My go-to outfit is typically a pair of jeans, my cowboy boots and a nicer shirt because I'm normally at the barn as soon as church ends. :)) Sometimes, if I have no barn plans, I'll dress up in a sundress.

  4. I love that blouse! So cute!

  5. Love that polka dot top!
    I just found your blog and super excited to see another modest lady out there blogging about fashion and style. You are super cute lady!


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