Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Style | Gingham & Wool & Tights. Oh My!

What I'm Wearing
Gingham Button Down -- Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's ($10)
Wool Pencil Skirt -- J.Crew via Thrift Store ($12)
Grey Tights -- JCP 
Leopard Pumps -- Thrift Store ($10)
Bracelet -- J.Crew ($10)
Bloom Necklace -- c/o Swell Caroline
Nail Polish -- Essie in Carry On 

Today is the first day of autumn & since it was on the cooler side this morning, I wore tights & my new favourite wool skirt to church. You see, I found this J.Crew pencil skirt brand new with tags at the thrift store the other week -- it was amazing, considering the original price of this skirt was $140. Can I just say, my two favourite parts about this skirt is the button detail on the pocket & waist area, and how soft the wool feels -- it feels like melted butter. get my drift anyway. *grin* Anyhow, this skirt looks great paired with either a button-down or a nice tee shirt (I've done both and it looks great both ways). To say the least, I've become addicted to wearing J.Crew skirts as they fit me so well, and they tend to fit on my natural waistline. 'Cause you see, I'm over the hip-slung skirts that were so popular the past several years, I like my skirts to fit on my waist nowadays -- it looks more polish & vintage to me. 

I better get going. I'm either going to cozy up in bed with an old movie or listen to the Anne of the Island book audio. Of course, I'll have a snack of ice-cream & chips and salsa too. I'm crazy like that. *smile*



  1. Pretty! Jessica wore a simillar color scheme in her outfit in her Classy on Sunday post this past Saturday! Funny how that worked out ;)


  2. Cute! I love the lacey designs on the gingham top. :)

  3. so cute. I never would have thought about the tight/shoe combo with the gingham. Love it!!

  4. Nice outfit!
    I am hoping that soon you will do pics of your closet (and the rest of your room - smile!) but especially of the closet. Could you share tips on how to purge stuff you don't need anymore? And tips on how you organize your closet (with pictures)? That would be sweet!
    And also what some basic closet staples are?
    I'm sure we all would enjoy it :)

    1. Yes! I'm planning on doing a whole series in October on my room & closet + how I store & organize everything. I've also been working on a basic closet staples post, since it has been highly requested for about a year now. :)

  5. I love the way you mixed patterns, here! Super cute vintage look with modern flare! Love your style!

    Thank you for promoting modest fashion! You inspire me!



  6. Love the outfit!! Very cute!!


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