Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starbucks + Window Shopping

On Wednesday evenings I drive some of my siblings to high-school bible study. Usually I go hangout at half-price books to browse through the books, movies, and records. Tonight though was different, as Gaby came with me and we decided to instead go window shopping at the higher-end shopping mall with all the designer type shops. It was loads of fun, even though the prices kept us from buying anything, we enjoyed looking at everything and getting style inspiration.

Some of that shops that we enjoyed looking at were the following (either inside, or just through the windows): Anthro, Madewell, J. Crew, Free People, Kate Spade, and Banana Republic. While browsing around we discovered that Madewell is amazing -- even if the prices aren't. The sales girls were dressed like our pinterest boards -- classic, with a touch of hipster & preppy. The clothes are to die for, some of the prices might make you gasp. But...the dresses are the right length (and are cute too), the leather jackets are soft, the button-downs come in an array of beautiful patterns, and the tees are comfortable. They also have some of the cutest shoes, handbags, and jewelry. I think I've covered the whole store now. Yep, I think I have. *grin*
It was also great to see a Free People store in real life -- their clothes are the type I like to wear when I want to be comfy -- very boho with a relaxed/vintage vibe. Yeah, my style changes with my mood, but that is who I am. Anyhow, we weren't able to go into Free People, since we want to stop at Starbucks before picking up the others at their Bible study. Can I just say, y'all need to try the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino -- it is like fall in a cup. This was my first time ever having one, and I think it will be my frap of choice in the coming weeks (until December that is, when I switch to the Peppermint Mocha).
Now, I'm sitting in bed blogging (where I do most of my blog work), eating chips & salsa, all the while catching up on my new favorite TV show. Well...I better get going, as I'm doing more watching than writing right now. *smile* 

It has been fun doing a post like. I used to do more posts like this all the time, but I kinda lost myself when my blog started getting bigger and I wanted to please everyone and still look professional.   

What do your Wednesday's look like?



  1. Love these kinds of posts! Keep them coming. :)

  2. Write what you enjoy writing most! Always remember that that's what brings your viewers in, really; your voice and what you love and YOU.

    Wednesday is... less than thrilling. I work, I come home. Sometimes I paint. mostly I just play tug-of-war with our dog until he's so worn out he falls asleep.

    1. Well...painting is fun. I always find that relaxing, even if I hardly paint anymore. Hmm...I need to get back into my art work. :)

  3. Maxwell is SO expensive! It must have been so fun for you girls to window shop... And dream... ;)


    1. Oh, it was, Charlotte! We had lots of fun drooling. ;)

  4. I love that you just did an ordinary post! If there is one thing that my sisters and I have learned (however hard it may be to do) is that you need to stay true to what you want to write about, and if you do, the right followers will come.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  5. I really like these kinds of posts, and I hope you do more of them :-) write whatever kind of posts you like, and I'm sure your readers will appreciate whatever's on your mind :-)

    What is your new favorite tv show? :-)

    And if you like Chai tea, try out Starbucks' chocolate Chai tea - it's yummy and soothing :-)

    1. My new favorite tv show is called, Graceland it is a USA show (that can be found on Hulu). The only thing, is that I can't really recommend it to anyone (unless they are over 18 or so), because of content.

      Ooh...I'll have to try that out as I love their regular Chai! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  6. Yay! I'm glad y'al like these kind of posts. I'll have to do more of them. :) Thanks so much for leaving such lovely comments, girls!

    ~Ash xxx


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