Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hello lovelies! How is your weekend so far? I've been busy branding Bramblewood Fashion, as I thought it was high time I did so. That has been fun. So far, I've given the blog a new look (with matching blog buttons), learned how to make a clickable header, and created a matching FB page header. Eventually, I'll be rebranding our YouTube Channel & twitter page. How do y'all like the new look? I was going for a modern/vintage look, and I'm also working on cleaning the sidebar up. Also, eventually I'll be going through & updating all of the pages too.

This afternoon Gaby & I went for a quick run to Ulta to pick up a few things. I picked out the three above OPI nail polish, since I had some bonus points, a coupon, & they were having a special: buy two OPI polished get on base coat or top coat free. I've been wanting a more neutral nail colour for the fall, so I picked up the Berlin There Done That from their Germany collection. While my second fun choice is In the Cable Car-Pool Lane from their latest San Francisco collection for fall. I can't wait to try them out, along with the base coat which I thought would be great for all the darker colours I'll be wearing in the fall & winter.

In other news, I've started contributing a post once-a-month over at Blissful and Domestic on thrifty fashion. My very first post went up this morning, so be sure to go check that out!

Let me give y'all a shout-out to my newest favourite blogger, Holly -- who is a UK fashion & beauty blogger. She is really sweet and she seems like a kindred spirit. Yay! Be sure to go check out her blog.



  1. Cute outfit! And I love the changing blog-look. The ooooonly thing I would say is that the text in your header is a little bit blurry? But other than that, I really love the new buttons!

  2. I have a question.
    Do you think you could do a blog post about how to organize/declutter/make your wardrobe work for you? Maybe with pics too? That would be lovely! Thank you.


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