Thursday, August 1, 2013

What We Wore | Mexican + Classic + Western

What Ashley is Wearing
Mexican Tunic/Dress -- Thrift Store ($10)
Straight-legged Jeans -- Ann Taylor Loft ($12)
White Tank -- JCP ($4)
Mustard Flats -- Old Navy ($2)
Sparkly Bracelet -- J.Crew ($10)
Friendship Bracelets -- Made by Me
Earrings -- I can't remember 
What Gabrielle is Wearing
Black Tee -- H&M  ($6)
Jean Pencil Skirt -- Thrift Store ($10)
Flats -- Payless Shoes ($10)
"Love" Bracelet -- Forever 21 ($3.80)
Sparkly Braided Bracelet -- J.Crew ($10)
What Hanne-col is Wearing
Chambray Button-down -- JCP 
Brown Ruffly Knit Skirt -- Thrift Store
"Dream" Necklace -- Forever 21
Earrings -- hand-me-down
Hello everyone! As y'all can see from the pictures, Gaby & Hanne have joined me for an outfit post. Yay! Well, the other day we were able to hang out with some really good friends of ours, the lovely Long ladies of Marie-Madeline Studio. We spent the day taking them to our favorite thrift store, Simply Chic; and used book store, Half-Price Books. After some shopping we came back to our house for lunch, and to just be together -- since we only get to see each other once a year. We all had a blast! I had hoped that Achaia & I would have time to film a haul video together, but we just ran out of time. Ah, alas...we will just have to try again next year.

~Ashley, Gaby, and Hanne


  1. You all are so authentically pretty. You can see the light shining out from the inside. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aw, it's cool to see all three of you together! Y'all look lovely! :D

  3. LOVE the dress, Ashley! I would love that in my closet- I'd probably wear it overtop my A-line jean skirt. I love layering skirts/dresses! :)

    It's so nice to see a sister picture- it's always more fun when sisters do things together, isn't it? Of course it is- that's why y'all are giggling in the picture and lookin' like you're having the time of your life! :)

    One last thing- you're killing me with the suspense here. Who one the Origami Owl giveaway? ;) I keep checking your blog/my e-mail hoping that it's me! lol

    Praying you all have a wonderful and blessed day today, and a safe and happy weekend!

    {Hugs} and love!

  4. Cute tunic!

    Carey's right - you are all just lovely in these photos.

  5. All of your outfits are very cute, but I love Gaby's outfit! The buttons down the front of the skirt just add such a neat touch! So neat you could all do an outfit post together. Hope to see more of those in the future. :)

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  6. It's so nice to see your sisters in this post too! All your outfits are simple cute!

  7. I adore the brown ruffle skirt!! So cute! :)

  8. Y'all are so cute! Love the tunic!

  9. Very cute outfits and I love that you all were included in this! Hanne-col is a cool name.

  10. Cute outtfit!!



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