Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I Wore | Lace Top & Jeans for the Weekend

What I'm Wearing
Lace Top -- c/o Chicnova
White Tee -- StyleMint ($15)
Jeans -- Hand-me-down from a Friend
Dangly Earrings -- Charming Charlie's ($3)
Flats -- Ruche ($15)

Hello everyone! How was your Saturday? I worked on organizing my room & closet more, it is going to look great once I'm finally finished. While working I also watched some old TV shows like: My Little Margie, The Lucy & Desi Comedy Hour, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Andy Griffith Show. Btw, what are some of your favorite classic TV shows to watch?

Anyhow, I was able to pick out an other item from Chicnova to style this month and I decided to go with this lace top. I have a weakness for lace and when it is in the color cream it is even better. *smile* Lately I've come to love wearing my lace tops with jeans, as it is the perfect mix of casual & dressy that I like -- it is also very feminine. To add to the femininity of the outfit, I wore my new dangly earrings that I bought at Charming Charlie's last night for $3 & my green flats from Ruche. You know what? I think this is now one of my favorite outfit combination to wear when ever I want to wear jeans. As it feels very comfy, yet it looks really stylish and put together.



  1. That is such a lovely outfit Ashley!! I really love your style!

  2. Andy Griffith and Hogan's Heroes (especially Hogan's) are my favorite old shows.

  3. The lace with denim is the best juxtaposition of hard and soft lines. I really like the addition of the colored flats. Nicely done. I really do enjoy your blog. Your sense of style is just lovely.

  4. How lovely, Ashley! The perfect blend of feminine and causal! Jeans are hard to make feminine sometimes, but you made this outfit very feminine nicely!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Ooh, I love that lace top so much!! Also, great pop of color in the shoes.

  6. Hey! That is such cute outfit!!
    My family and I really like,
    The Andy Griffith Show
    The Munsters
    Live it to Beaver.

    Really like your blog!! Keep posting!



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