Monday, August 26, 2013

What I Wore | Comfy Knits for the Office

What I'm Wearing
Knit Maxi Skirt -- Made by Me ($8)
Grey Tee Shirt -- c/o OASAP
Floral Scarf -- Forever 21 ($6)
Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store ($8)
Flats -- Ruche ($15)
Dangly Earrings -- Charming Charlie's ($3)

Hello everyone! How y'all doing? I'm doing well, I'm just a bit tired, but I'm planning on watching a movie with Hanne-col tonight, so this will have to be quick. When I woke up this morning, I wanted to just stay in my jim-jams, but of course I couldn't do that (I have to go to work). Enter the next best things to either sweats & a comfy tee or leggings & an oversized sweatshirt: knit maxi skirt & a tee shirt. When ever I want to be lazy & and just plain comfy in what wearing I'm wearing, I always go for this knit maxi skirt -- it is perfect for those lazy days. Add a super soft tee shirt, some flats, a scarf for a punch of color, and some simple (but glam) earrings and you have the perfect outfit recipe for when ever you want to stay in your jim-jams. Of course, if you get chilly a jean jacket is the perfect choice! 

Do you have a go-to outfit for those lazy days when you want to stay in your jim-jams?



  1. I love this outfit. It's my ideal comfy outfit for classes.

  2. Okay, I absolutely live this! Definitely going to have to try this out soon :)


  3. Oh, it's lovely! So comfy and dressy/casual! Love it!! :D The scarf and shoes just make this outfit. :)

  4. Lovely outfit and scarf (they add a little pizzazz to everything!) :) I've always been a little hesitant to style a maxiskirt. I'm not very tall at all and worry it would shorten me even more, but this is adorable! I may have to order one of those shirts! They look so soft and comfy!


  5. This is beautiful! I have a question: When you go to work at the office, do you have a specific dress code--like it has to be classy? (Like slacks/dress skirts and nice blouses?) Or can you wear whatever?

    1. Our Dad is our boss at the office and he likes us to dress classy, yet we can be somewhat casual with what we wear. When I go into the office on Monday's I'm usually the only one there, so I can wear just about anything. If I go into work on any other day, I'll wear a nice skirt (maxi, knee length), a tee shirt, & a nice jacket (blazer or jean jacket). Other times I might wear a nice dress (cotton or knit) & a jacket. I don't wear too many blouses, I just like to dress-up my tee shirts. Our Dad doesn't dress too fancy himself (slacks & a button-down shirt), so most of the dressy part is just what me & Gaby like to do. Other girls who have worked here wore jean skirts & nice tee shirts, maxi skirts, and/or dress slacks with Indian tunics. We have all had our own style of what we wear to the office. :D

  6. My I Have to Work But I'm So Tired go-to outfit is a Land's End Canvas colorblock cardigan in dark grey and mustard yellow, a pair of incredibly soft worn-in black khakis, my mocassins that match the cardigan, and a white T-shirt. Super warm since the museum is very air-conditioned, but also very comfortable and perfect for just getting through the day. Toss in a pretty necklace and it classes the look up enough, or throw on blue jeans after work and the outfit becomes casual for heading out to dinner with Jason.

    I really love this cardigan. They still have it in a few colors on sale for $26 and I keep eyeballing it, trying to decide if I'd wear the other colors as much as this one.

  7. Love that maxi skirt! Super cute but comfy outfit!

    Patterned Love

  8. This looks amazing!

  9. Do you have a template for the knit maxi skirt or any advice on sewing knit materials? I'm new to sewing as of this past summer and have tried to sew knits, but struggle to keep the seams from bunching.


  10. Love the whole outfit !!!! I LOVE maxi's!!!!



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