Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

1) A couple weeks ago we helped a friend do a surprise Sherlock party for a friend who was going to college soon, who btw had never seen the show. It was awesome seeing the episodes all at once in order. Oh, yes...our friend did love the show once she had seen it.

2) I really love the sandals featured in this picture, as well as the sundress.

3) I've missed going to southern California like crazy this summer. I miss visiting the Hollywood Bowl for a concert, going to Zuma beach, and just being in L.A.

4) I adore this large gingham print sundress. Too cute.

5) I recently purchased this Benefit set at Ulta which includes three full-sized products, and one deluxe-sample. Can't wait to play with everything.

What are you loving?


  1. Good to see a fellow Sherlockian. :D I converted my best friend into a Sherlock fangirl but sadly she transferred schools this fall so I'm all by myself until I find someone else to spazz with. I cannot wait for Season 3 and am not looking forward to avoiding my Tumblr once it airs in the UK because I don't want spoilers!

  2. I like your Friday Favorites posts. *smile* Hmm... what I'm loving...
    First off, that vintage sundress and sandals are SO darling! I love the smocking.
    I guess right now I'm loving the idea of taking a sweater and stitching on it (I have plans!), anything that has to do with a Zorro movie (have you seen the 1998 version??)!
    Love you so much and miss you!
    xoxox Kay

  3. Love sherlock!


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