Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Vintage Hairstyles Making A Return

When it comes to style inspiration, sometimes the best direction to look is the past. Think of all the
fabulous styles our mothers and grandmas used to wear. The curls, the twists, and the up dos… the possibilities are endless and the gorgeous styles have certainly proven to stand the test of time.

The Victory Roll 
The name is said to come from the exhaust rolls that the fighter planes left behind after making aerial manoeuvres in the sky during World War II.

During the war effort many everyday item were rationed, including simple styling items like bobby pins. This lack of resources meant that if women wanted to appear polished, they’d have to be creative – they used pipe cleaners to achieve their victory rolls. And we’re so glad they did! Useful during wartime when women were included in the workforce and were required to keep their hair away from their faces, the victory roll still gave a feminine appearance whilst appearing economical and formal. 

The links to strong and resourceful women are no doubt why this style has made a resurgence in recent years. If you’re interested in trying this golden age favourite, find a YouTube tutorial and get your pipe cleaners at the ready!

Marilyn Curls 
Marilyn Monroe remains as much of a style icon today as she was during the 1950s and early 60s. Her glamorous style caught the eye of many designers and film directors and such was the desire to see her, the desperate press followed her day and night.

Her trademark blonde locks have seen her imitated over and over again, and her strong and feminine attitude has firmly cemented her as an icon. Her bleached and curled hair screamed “Look at me!” and it’s oh, so easy to replicate with heated rollers and little time…

The Great Gatsby 
Finger waves, set hair and ornate hair jewels were all signature aspects of fabulous hair in the Roaring
Twenties. And, thanks to the Great Gatsby remake starring Carey Mulligan, glamorous flapper hair is back with a vengeance. A deep side parting and plenty of pins were used to achieve the fabulous styles for parties and cocktails. Nowadays we have the luxury of heated rollers, curlers and straighteners – all available from Hershesons, but whichever way you choose to imitate this gorgeous style you’re sure to turn heads.

The Beehive
Swing in to the sixties with the iconic beehive look. Worn by hundreds of stars and everyday women alike for decades. Perhaps the most famous of recent years is Amy Winehouse with her trademark exaggerated beehive – but stars like Audrey Hepburn and Dusty Springfield first started the trend. Surprisingly easy to replicate, the beehive is another timeless style that isn’t going anywhere at all.

Boho Hair 
Simple and relaxed, this style dates back to the 1970’s hippie era, when hair was often left long and untamed. More modern translations of this have made their way on to the catwalk in recent years, and are usually accessorised with a loose headband or plaits. This relaxed do is usually championed by celebs such as Nicole Ritchie and Vanessa Hudgens.


  1. Love this post!!! I love vintage hair so I was planning on Attempting victory rolls today for the first time since my haircut...kind of inspired me to do it. :)

  2. Awesome! I'll have to try the victory rolls! That's so awesome they used pipe cleaners-how smart! I never knew that.
    Also going to have to experiment with braids soon...
    just posted on my blog about needing new hairstyles, so a very timely post, Ashley!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Interesting post!

  4. I love the victory roll! Unfortunately I look terrible without bangs and my hair is way too short..... Sigh** maybe in another life.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. LOVE this post! Hairstyling is always fascinating to me, and vintage inspired just makes it better!!


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