Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Wore | Styling the J.Crew No. 2 Cotton Pencil Skirt for Summer

What I'm Wearing
Citron No. 2 Pencil Skirt -- J.Crew via Thrift Store ($6)
Cream Tee -- Forever 21 ($3)
Cream Cami -- Forever 21 ($3)
Jean Vest -- YouTube/Blogger Swap (Free)
Scarf -- Target ($3)
Sandals -- Forever 21 ($7)
Nail Polish -- Bette by Julep 

This past weekend Gaby found this citron J.Crew No. 2 cotton pencil skirt at Simply Chic, which is a boutique-type thrift store that carries only higher end {J.Crew, Anthro, Kate Spade, Loft, etc...} & popular brands {Target and H&M} for really great prices. Anyway, the two of us split the cost of the skirt, and went half-ies on it (we each paid $6). To say the least, we were so excited to have one of J.Crew's no. 2 pencil skirts in our wardrobe as we adore J.Crew. Looking at the color of the skirt, you would think that it would be hard to style, but actually a lot of our clothes matches it -- which is awesome! I can't wait to share all of the ways I style this skirt for every season, yep, that's right I'll be wearing this skirt even in the fall & winter.

Anyhow, I put together this casual outfit for a day of grocery shopping for a church function Gaby & I are in charge of. Typically when I wear a pencil skirt, I like to wear some type of heeled shoes, but with the length of this skirt I can get away with wearing sandals. To further dress down the pencil skirt I opted for a tee shirt, but added a denim vest & scarf for the finishing touches. All in all, this was a very comfortable outfit for grocery shopping, even in this heat.  

What has been your favorite thrift store find of this summer?



  1. How did you get a scarf for $3? I would love to add some light-weight scarves to my summer wardrobe but can only find them for $15 and up.
    Love this outfit!


    1. End of the season clearance is the best way to not pay $15 for a scarf at Target. Also a great place to buy cheeper priced scarfs is Forever 21. Also, check out your local thrift stores.

    2. Thanks!!!


  2. Eeepp! That is such a CUTE outfit, Ash! That pencil skirt was a marvelous find, darling! I LOVE J.Crew's number 2 pencil skirts!!
    I got your email last night... I was so excited! I plan on writing you back soon. We plan on coming to IN really soon.... (I'm already trying to decide what I want to wear when we see y'all....)

    Love you lots!

  3. Your outfit is super cute! I love that pencil skirt! That's such a neat thrift store find!(: My favorite thrift store find of this summer is a gorgeous pink vintage dress that I thrifted just last week. It needs some mending, but I got it for such a good price, I don't even mind.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. Awww you look so cute! Love the scarf! Actually, love your whole outfit!!

  5. love this outfit. so inspired.

  6. I love this outfit. It's so cute! All the colors go really well together.
    I've always wanted to find something from J.Crew at a thrift store :)

  7. cute!

  8. You look so great in my vest! I love how you paired it up. I never knew how to pair it up but this is so great! I especially love your scarf. I find scarfs with unique designs go well with denim! :) x

  9. I adore this outfit! Very flattering on you and I exspecially love the skirt! Hannah :)

  10. Love the vest! :)


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