Saturday, July 27, 2013

What I Wore | "I Gotta See the Color in Your Eyes..."

What I'm Wearing
Coral Tunic -- Target ($6)
Cowgirl Boots -- Gift
Dangle Earrings -- Lauren Conrad (gift)
Cocktail Ring -- Forever 21 ($3.50)
Nail Polish -- OPI Cajun Shrimp (gift)

Sometimes life calls for a little country. I don't know what it is, but sometimes during the spring & summer months I feel the need to dress a little country, pull on my cowgirl boots, and listen to country music. I guess everyone has a little bit of country in them -- even this city girl. 

Anyhow, to feed my country mood yesterday I pulled on this floral maxi dress from Chicnova. If you have never heard of Chicnova, they are an Asian company that sells some adorable clothes (including some longer length dresses). The shipping will take a little longer than an USA based company, but the clothes are so adorable that I don't mind. Within the coming weeks I see myself styling the dress so many ways, with different jackets/blazers, lace blouses, jumpers, booties, flats, and sandals. Some looks will be very California girl, others will be kinda hipster, and some will be just plain girly. It is going to be fun. Who knows, I might convince Gaby to post pictures of her wearing this dress too (when ever I let her borrow it). 



  1. Hahah! I constantly feel that way! :) I pretty much live in cowboy boots. :))

  2. Ooooo! Such a pretty outfit! I like your nail polish color and your outfit photos are so good. :)

  3. Sweet! It actually took me a second to realize that the coral tunic wasn't just part of the design of the dress. I like the styling!

  4. Very nice! Your outfits are always cute, but with these better pictures they look phenomenal. :-)

  5. That's a clever way to make a low-cut sundress more modest--but still cute! Love the color combo, too. :-)

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  6. Very pretty, Ashley!
    I'm not very country, though I live in Montana. Just never been my "thing" =)
    I'll have to check out that site!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. Cute! I'm extremely country, year long, but being in the south it's hard to wear cowboy boots during the summer, comfortably. So I save them for the cooler months and then wear them everywhere!

    -Leah Kathryn

  8. How beautiful! I really love these photos, especially the last one!!! Great job!

  9. aww what a cute and lovely outfit... you look so sweet in this :)

    visiting from the plane pretty link up,
    rhea @


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