Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I Wore (Baby Shower Edition) | Kate Middleton Inspired Outfit

What I'm Wearing
Striped Sweater Top -- H&M {hand-me-up from Gaby} (Free)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt -- J.Crew via Thrift Store ($12)
Mustard Colored Flats -- Old Navy ($4)
Dangle Earrings -- Lauren Conrad  (gift)
Locket Necklace -- c/o Origami Owl
Satchel Handbag -- Fossil {hand-me-up from Gaby} (Free)
Bracelet -- J.Crew ($10)

Hello ladies. Yesterday I decided to wear a Kate Middleton a.k.a the Duchess of Cambridge inspired outfit, since the the new Royal Prince George Alexander Louis, was born this Monday. Yay! Have you seen pictures of the little family -- too cute!

Anyhow about the outfit. I wore my "new" pencil skirt that I found at our local thrift store, it seems like every time I go in, they have another one of J.Crew's pencil skirts in my size. Yay! They are the only readymade pencil skirts that fit me, since I'm a pear shape. (Sometime in the coming weeks, Gaby will be doing a blog series on body types for y'all.) But, if you don't know what a pear shape is I'll give a basic understanding of what it means. Being a pear shape means that your hips are your biggest measurement. You typically have a smaller waist & bust too -- otherwise you would be boarding on a hourglass shape (which some people consider the "perfect" body type -- I don't. As they is no such thing as a perfect body type, for we are all uniquely created by God). balance out the pencil skirt on the bottom, I wore a striped sweater top which gives me a more balanced overall look by making me look bigger on top. Typically I would wear heels or wedges with this look (and I did during most of the day), but for the baby shower I opted for flats (which are more relaxed, and makes my outfit look less professional looking). 

I kept the jewelry simple since Kate doesn't wear a ton of it (and neither do I), by just wearing a simple necklace, bracelet, and some dangly earrings. Of course, you can't forget curling your hair for this look, since when ever Kate wears her hair down it is curled. 

Fashion & Faith

If you are looking for cute and reasonably priced pencil skirts -- perfect for the fashionista who is on a budget, be sure to check out



  1. Cute! Love the mustard-color flats! I am looking for shoes like that for myself for the fall; I don't wear heels because I will immediately fall over, but I love cute colored flats or sometimes wedges. In the picture towards the bottom your shoes look like purple or burgundy pumps... can you elaborate on them? They're very pretty, I'd love to know if they're shoes you've bought somewhere I might find something similar.

    Honestly, I wasn't 100% sold on the origami owl lockets until seeing you wear yours... they look so pretty when styled right like this!

    1. The burgundy shoes are suede wedges that I found at Payless Shoes this spring. Payless usually has shoes like these all the time, so you should be able to find yourself a pair either in-store or online.

      Yeah, I wasn't too sure how much I was going to wear the necklace personally, since I don't wear too many necklaces (even if I like buying them). But this one is the perfect length & goes with *so* many things! I've been wearing mine just about everyday this week. :)

    2. Oh, good, they're even wedges. Awesome :) Thanks!

  2. Super cute! I love the top and skirt. :)

  3. It's beautiful. And so glad that you gave us the name! That's the first time I've heard it! :)

  4. Ha! That's funny about Gaby posting on Body Shapes! I am just finishing writing a post about Shape and Color for my latest blog series Finding Your Style! Can't wait to see what Gaby says!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Hehe...well you know what they say, "great minds think alike." :)

  5. You look fabulous in that outfit! Very Kate Middleton-esque ;)


  6. Stunning, Ashley!
    I LOVE the Duchess' style! She has an amazing knack for dressing well!
    I think it's sort of funny how obessed America is with the royal family though! (I'm including myself in this!)
    Do you think they're over there checking out pictures of the President's wife?It would be funny to find out! We're both obsessed with the other countries people in authority! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Hehe...well, me and two of my sister's have always been interested in British history & the monarchy. In fact, we know the history & order of their Kings & Queens, better then our own Presidents. LOL! It seems like us Americans have been obsessed with the UK since Queen Victoria, and we have just gotten worse. hehe.

      You know what, I'm not sure. It would be funny if they are. :)

  7. Lovely outfit! And I love how you said "hand-me-up" - Haha, that's so cute. :D

  8. This outfit is really cute and structured just like Kate 😊


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