Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Updates

  • We are back home (as of Sunday evening) from PA and we had a blast at Vision Forum's HOA!
  • I enter their costume contest with my 1940s swing dress, but alas I didn't make it to the next round. (that was nerve-racking, walking up onto the stage in front of all those people).
  • We were able to meet up with some friends at the event that we haven't seen in awhile, which is always fun.
  • Me & Gaby both want some 1940s swing dresses made out of cotton fabric sometime this summer now. 
  • I've mastered a 1940s inspired up-do. Yay! I'll try to do a video tutorial of it sometime, as I really want to do more tutorials like that on my channel.
  • One of the downsides of the trip is, we got bed bugs at our hotel. So until we get the bed bugs under control at our house, posts & videos will be scarce for a bit. But I'm sure y'all understand. :)
  • I want to thank everyone who tweeted, emailed, posted on G+ a happy birthday to me this past Friday! It was such fun to read them all. For those who don't know, I turned 23 on July 5th. Since we were gone on my birthday, we will be having my birthday dinner this weekend (either on Saturday or Sunday).
  • Would any of you girls be interested in taking online sewing lessons from me? I would be charging for this class. If so, what would you like to learn in this class? How much would you be willing to pay for classes? Would you like live person-to-person video classes? Or would you like videos you could accesses at anytime (once you've paid)? 
 I think that is all of the updates I have right now. Well, I better back to finding & killing those pesky bed bugs that could be in our stuff.


  1. Aw, happy birthday!

    Agh, I am so interested in those sewing lessons, but I don't think I could pay for it right now. I would LOVE to learn to sew, starting with the basics and working my way up to skirts and dresses and historical costumes. But anyway. . . .

    1. Hannah, if you want some basic stuff this book may come in really handy if you can get ahold of it:


      It looks like you can, you'll just be buying it from a small seller instead of Amazon itself. I took a practical fashion design class in college and this was our textbook. I went into the class knowing little other than your basic hand-stitch and found this to be one of the three textbooks I kept after I got my degree!

  2. Hair tutorials would be splendid!!! I have always admired 40s inspired hair but have no idea how to do it! So I vote YES for some tutorials for hair styling! :)

  3. Bed bugs = my number one fear when it comes to staying in a hotel! I always check and double-check every bedbug-reporting website I can find and even then, you don't always know. I think you'll get 'em all, though!

    Also, all my admiration for going up there on stage in front of so many people! I get crazy stage fright, so that will just have to be something I dream about, haha.

    I would love to take a sewing class or two, but I'd need a sewing machine. Ah well. I am dreaming about getting one for Christmas right now...

  4. Though I'm more of a 50's kinda gal myself, 40's dresses can be so much fun, and they do seem to somehow sneak into my closet every once in a while... ;)

    Oh you poor things! Bugs like those are THE WORST EVER! We've had to deal with fleas before (my archenemies...) so I think I have an inkling of what your going through right now :-/

    Happy (belated) Birthday!! I hope that your special dinner turns out splendid :D


  5. Hi Ashley,
    My sister and I were so excited to meet you July 4th at the Gettysburg reenactment! It was so cool to see you in person and I look forward to seeing more of your outfits on the blog! :) Happy birthday!
    Haley & Kira

  6. Hello Ashley,

    I'm new to your blog, and have been loving it so far!
    The pics I've seen of the HOA look amazing - I'm glad you got to go :)

    A 1940's hair tutorial sounds wonderful! Would your style work for curly hair? And would you consider creating a paid tutorial on how to make a swing dress?



  7. Oh my! I remember we had a big bed bug issue. It was a nightmare! I always get paranoid when I stay at anyone's house or places overnight but I hope you get them cleared out of the way!
    I hope you had a lovely trip & you should post photos of the dress you wore or maybe a video?
    Definitely film the updo! I adore vintage hairstyles.
    Also, Happy belated birthday! I didn't know you turned 23 but I wish you well and I hope you had a lovely birthday! :)


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