Monday, July 1, 2013

OOTD Video + Update

Hello everyone! In a little bit I'll be leaving for a minor league baseball game, but I wanted to make sure that this post got up first. The above video will show my outfit for today, which is Audrey Hepburn inspired, and that we leaving for Pennsylvania early tomorrow morning for HOA. 

About the vintage outfits I decided to go with, I finally settled on my 1940s swing dress, 1950s red gingham sundress, 1940s gingham skirt with a striped tee, and my birthday dress which was made with a 1960s sewing pattern. I'm also bringing my OASAP polka-dot blouse & my 1960s jean pencil skirt (which is more of a modern outfit). So yeah, I decided against wearing my 1920s lace dress, but I will be bringing my vintage 1940s/50s purse to complete my outfits. If I had a hat pin, I would bring a vintage hat, or two too. *smile* Maybe next time.

Well, I better get going. Talk to y'all soon.

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  1. Love you, dearie! Have a blast at the conference (I wish I were going too!). By the way, great outfit choices for the trip. Your gingham sundress will be PERFECT for July 4th. I'm planning on making a knit navy/white star dress to wear to an Independence Day party (I just got the fabric today... better get sewing)!
    Much love~


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