Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Sale Haul Videos for May & June

*I'm having some prescheduled posts go up while I'm gone. Enjoy!*

Yeah, so I'm kinda behind in my blogging and I haven't shared any of my recent library sale haul videos. Sue me, shoot me, shoot bullets through me.... Does anyone get the reference? Well, anyway....I thought it was high time that I shared my book sale haul videos from both May & June. And yes, there are two parts for the May sale, as I found so many fantastic things!!

This first video is of all the books & movies I found at the two book sales we attended in May (I found some real treasures, including some really old books from the early 1800s). 

Since I found a good number of records, I placed them in their very own video so the first video wouldn't be as long.

I didn't buy as many things this past Friday, but I still found some great finds.

What is your favorite thing(s) from everything I found? 
What are some great treasures that YOU have found recently?

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  1. I got the reference right away.... Frank Sinatra in Guys and Dolls!! Love that movie. I haven't seen it in a long time--- I think I need to see it again!
    Your haul videos are always so much fun, Ash! You got some great goodies!
    Love you~


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