Sunday, July 14, 2013

1960s Inspired Birthday Dress ❘❘ Sunday Style

Today at church I wore my 1960s inspired birthday dress that I had made earlier this month for my 23rd birthday. I love the color & details the dress has [like the collar & nice big buttons]. Also, I bet you would think that the dress would gap between the three big buttons, but with the way the bodice is made it doesn't. Color me shocked, as I was certain that it would gap badly considering the way modern dresses/blouses gap with smaller buttons and closer placement. Anyhow, onto the pictures and details about the dress & how it was made.  
What I'm Wearing
1960s Floral Dress -- Made by Me
Brown Belt -- Forever 21
Tan Heels -- Target
Lipstick -- Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon

Hello everyone! Remember back in February on Pinterest & Instagram that I was going to make a 60s dress for a Mad Men sewing challenge. Nope? That's alright. Anyhow, sadly I never had the time to do that sewing challenge, so the dress never got made....that is until I decided the dress would be perfect for my annual birthday outfit (a tradition that I started back in 2007). Of course, I waited until two days before we had to leave for PA to make the dress. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but this pattern had more details than I realized so it took me way longer than normal to sew the dress. I spent all of late Sunday afternoon and part of early Monday morning sewing this dress to get it finished in time, mostly because we were leaving early Tuesday morning for PA. Remind me to never delay a sewing project for the last minute. To say the least, I was thankful when it was finally finished. 

Pattern Review
Pattern:  Vintage Simplicity 3829 (view 1)

Pattern Description: Full gathered skirt, interesting sleeves, collar

Pattern Sizing: Size 14 (Bust 34)

Fabric Used: A 100% cotton print from Abraham's Lady in Gettysburg, PA. This fabric was a birthday gift back in 2009 with the original intent for a 1860s dress. For practical reasons, I used it instead for a dress that came a hundred years later, you know the 1960s. *grin*

Cost of Project: Fabric (birthday gift), vintage bias tape (.75), thread (been in my stash for 4 years), vintage buttons ($1), hook & eyes (been in stash for 6 years), and vintage snap (.25). Total cost: $2

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, the instructions were easy to follow -- but I find this common with all vintage patterns. Now days, pattern instructions are just like greek to me.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love the attention to detail this pattern gives with the construction of the dress. Normally, I don't care too much, since I only love the finished product & the planning of a sewing project. But with this dress, I followed all of the vintage finishing techniques that the dress looks just like my vintage dresses from the inside.  

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made? Nope, I followed everything to a tee. Which is very rare for me, since I normally don't follow anything to a tee.

Would you sew it again? Yes, I think this dress would look adorable in gingham or in a lightweight wool.

Would you recommend it to others? If you can located yourself a copy of the pattern, yes! But, this dress is not for the beginning sewer.



  1. Very cute dress, Ashley! It looks kinda like something you would find at Modcloth or Ruche! I just bought my first vintage pattern, and can't wait to try it out! Do you find it hard working with vintage pattern sizes (since they are different than modern sizes)?

    1. Aww...thanks so much, Miriam!

      No, I don't find the vintage sizing hard to work with at all, in fact, I find them easier than modern to work with. Why? Vintage sizing tends to fit me with little to no adjustments, while modern pattern sizing just gives me headaches (except for the Simplicity Project Runway line, which fits me perfect). When working with vintage patterns I would start off with something kinda like mine (with a full skirt, yet more fitted bodice), that way you would just have the bodice part to worry about fitting. Also, if you use a full skirt pattern, you don't need a pattern piece for the skirt. Just cut out three panels of fabric for the perfect full skirt, as it works for me every time.

  2. Ohhh I love it! That print is so feminine and pretty and the design looks great on you! :)

  3. Very gorgeous dress. I love that pattern.

  4. So cute! I love that pattern and print!

  5. It's adorable! Happy birthday :)

  6. Adorable, Ashley!! Okay, now I need to locate me one of those patterns.... ;)


  7. Your dress is lovely! You did a fantastic job! It looks so shabby-chic vintage!
    By the way, how long have you been sewing? Just curious. :)

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  8. Ashley, this is a beautiful dress! You did an excellent job. I particularly liked you comment about pattern instructions. I'm glad to know I am not the only one who finds current pattern instructions woefully written. Happy belated birthday. Keep up the loveliness and God bless!

  9. Wow, this is one of my favorite of your dresses! Love it! You did a fabulous job. :)

  10. Ashley,

    You are welcome! How exactly do the sizes compare (vintage and modern)? I know the numbers are bigger numbers with vintage ones but I am not sure if modern sizes are half the number(like would I wear a 16 if I am a 8)? Thanks for the help and tips!!! :)

  11. Hi Ashley! Happy Birthday! I just discovered your blog, and I really admire your heart for modesty and vintage style! I will definitely visit again soon! P.s. I love your dress and the bookshelf background!

  12. Hi there, I found your button on Fresh Modesty and was wondering if you would like to do a button swap. I have recently started blogging so I hope the link in my button works! Here is my blog:

    Thanks! God bless!


  13. Happy Birthday, Ashley! That dress is just beautiful, you did a great job!



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