Friday, May 31, 2013

Guest Post | The Boyer Family Singers

I'm so excited to have the Boyer Family Singers as guest posters today! They are a bunch of fun sisters who love vintage, so I think y'all will love them too. *smile* Well, they do a fantastic job introducing themselves, so with out further ado go ahead and read what they have to say!

Hello fabulous readers of Bramblewood Fashion!
We are so very honored to be featured here on this elegant blog! A gigantic thank you to Ashley for allowing us to guest post!! We are so excited!

L-R: Jessica, Charlotte, Brigid
A wee bit about us-
   We are the Boyer Family Singers, Jessica, Brigid and Charlotte; loving, imperfect sisters who are adorers of anything modestly stylish, vintage, and creative!
   We are reformed Christians, who by grace are saved through faith by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. We strive day-by-day to be more and more like our loving Heavenly Father; glorifying Him in all that we say, think, and do!
   We sing together in a sister trio (thus the name) very much like the Andrew Sisters, and enjoy performing bluegrass, oldies, and classical pieces!
   We (our Mom most definitely included!) blog over at Boyer Family Singers, where we love to share our endeavors in Fashion, Creativity, Vintage, Life, and (ever-so-occasionally) Cookery, with our devoted readers, to inspire and motivate!

   Today we will be featuring a "Sister Flair" outfit post, which includes we girls dawning outfits set to a certain theme such as "Vintage", "Full-Skirts", "Classy" etc. Today's theme is "Our Favorite Outfits"

   So without further ado....

Handmade Skirt // Thrifted Blouse // Payless Nude Flats // Vintage Hats // Gifted Locket //

Brigid– "I like this outfit because it expresses my style of vintage/bohemian/feminine."

Hand-me-down Sweater // Kohl's Skirt // Gifted Origami Owl Locket //

Jessica– "I like how wearable, soft-looking, and comfy my outfit is. It looks like it came out of a J.Jill catalog, which is one of my favorite clothing companies."

Target Dress // Hand-made Head-band // F21 Earrings // TOMS green Flats //

Charlotte– "This is actually a new favorite for me, as this dress was just recently introduced into my wardrobe as an everyday dress. I'm really loving the simplicity, vintage flair, and classiness of this ensemble!"

   We hope you enjoyed viewing our favorite outfits! Be sure to check out our blog and follow :D


  1. I am having trouble seeing the photos...

  2. Oh I love finding new blogs! Simply lovely!
    Thanks for sharing, Ashley!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Yeah I am having trouble seeing the photos too. I waited 20 minutes and my computer still could not load them. hmm.... I wonder if its just me and Miriam?

  4. Alright, I think I fixed the photo problem. Let me know if y'all can see the pictures now! :)

    1. Thank you Ashley for fixing it!!! :D I can see them now!


  5. I've been dropping by they blog occasionally for a while now... I think my favourite is Jessica's sweater, because it's very much my style, too. ;-)


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