Monday, May 6, 2013

30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 23

::What I'm Wearing::
Tee Shirt -- Target
Scarf -- Target
Skinny Jeans -- GAP Outlet
Converse -- Gift

Hello everyone! To keep my outfit from being too boring today (with just a simple tee & jeans), I wore my "new" infinity scarf from Target (this was actually the first time I wore it too) that I bought while in Florida for Christmas for only $3. I like to buy my scarfs when they are on clearance only, unless it is from F21, otherwise I never pay full price. Now, the only time I paid $15 for a scarf was my very first one that I bought for my trip to London back in 2009. Enough talking about scarfs and what I pay for them. 

Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere (at least as of right now), so I'm thinking about curling my hair today so I can style it in a vintage style tomorrow. Oh, if you are looking for a good basic vintage makeup book that covers the 1920s to the 1960s, let me recommend, Retro Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look by: Lauren Rennells. It is filled with wonderful step-by-step pictures & full of helpful makeup history and tips. I'm thinking about doing a video book review of it sometime in the coming weeks -- so look forward for that on my YouTube channel.

Well, I better get going if I'm going to curl my hair tonight. Y'all can link up your outfit post for today below.  

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  1. Cute outfit and video! I'm afraid I often have boring outfits ... tee-shirt and jeans with no accessory :( I'm so bad at accessorizing! I have very little jewelry, only one summer-weight scarf, and a bunch of hairflowers.... Anyway. I like your nail polish :)


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