Thursday, February 21, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {no. 62}

I forgot it was Thursday today, until my sister, Hanne-col reminded me to do my I ♥ Thursday post. To join in the fun yourself, here are the rules for the link-up:

1. Be sure to have I ♥ Thursday in your post title. {You can copy & paste the ♥ into your own post. That is what I do.}
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4. Have fun visiting everyone's link!

Bramblewood Fashion

The '50s TV version of the police show, Dragnet.

After oohing & awwing over these chevron skirts last year -- I'm finally going to make myself one.


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
Cute! It gives me an idea on how to wear my bow tie clip -- just like the one in this pic.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
LOVE this outfit from the show, Hart of Dixie!!

Really like this look.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
I ADORE this picture!!

This is such a cute idea on how to make a strapless dress modest.

What are you loving this week? Let me know either in the comments (really, do leave a comment), or link up your own post.


  1. I think the last one is so cute. I like my back to be covered too, so I'd probably stitch the two gathered pieces together in the back, but it might still work. Thanks for sharing!~Emily

  2. Oooh! Love, love, love that red plaid dress! I need to go find/make one for myself! The cardigan cinches it - I'm a huge cardigan fan! Fun post!

  3. Omg, I saw you pinning all those chevron skirts today... Totally have to have one now... :)

    Have you actually watched Hart of Dixie??? I tried the first couple of episodes and then skipped to the last one... There was just something horribly unrealistic about a heart surgeon in, like, 5 inch heels and mini skirts...

  4. @Hannah -- Isn't it the cutest thing ever!! :)

    @Emily -- Ooh, that's a good idea, as I didn't even think about the back being low too.

    @Kellie -- Isn't the plaid dress just darling?! I'm a huge cardigan fan too, in fact, somedays I think I own too many. *grin*

    @Tory -- *grin*

    No, I haven't ever seen Hart of Dixie. I just like some of the southern/preppy/vintage outfits some of the ladies wear on the show. I just follow the show's pinterest board for outfit inspiration -- I do that for a lot of shows actually.

  5. Ok, I was wondering... It is actually quite a vulgar show as well... :)


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