Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I Wore | So Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me? I Love You.

::What I'm Wearing:: Gingham Blouse J.Crew Factory // Jumper H&M // Pearl Necklace c/o OASAP // Skinny Jeans GAP Outlet // Boots Bass Shoe Outlet // Pearl Earrings Claire's // Red Lipstick NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencil in Hot Red // Nail Polish Julep in Bette 

Yesterday evening me & Hanne-col went to a book sale with our parents in Indy. It was lots of fun & I found some good treasures {some Agatha Christie books, Born Free Soundtrack record} -- I'll be filming a haul video soon of what I bought at the sale!

I don't know what it is about the weekends, but I've been wearing very preppy looks on Friday's & Saturday's lately {or just in general for my casual outfits}. is an improvement over the way I used to style my jeans last year on the weekend, which is a nice plus. I don't know....I guess I just wanted to finally learn how to wear jeans that looked cute, stylish, and modest. Last year I felt like I really didn't know how to style jeans/pants. Skirts, no problem. Dresses, again no problem. But give me jeans/pants to style & my normal cute style goes mostly out the door. I guess that is partly why I started sharing my weekend look with y'all. Sharing my outfits with you girls helps me grow & develop my style. It also gives me a chance to look back on my outfits, and wonder what on earth I was thinking! *smile* I also think it helps having a great pair of jeans that fit well.


  1. Hehe, I think I would be the complete opposite of you in styling jeans/pants stylishly if I had a decent pair ;)
    Very sweet outfit- though the shoes are not quite my type of thing (if you don't mind me saying.)
    I simply *love* your necklace, though!! I adore chunky pearl jewelry like that, and yours is simply darling!


  2. I love your boots! Do you spend quite a bit to get good quality boots? A pair that I've had for two or three years was about $50, but they're pretty badly scuffed.

  3. I love to see your more casual style posts! And it's fun to have a little peep into your room! I love seeing how people decorate. Will you show more of your room sometime?

    Great lipstick!!

  4. I adore this outfit! Really cute! And the necklace is pretty awesome too. :) I have a hard time styling jeans too sometimes. Give me a pencil skirt and I can do wonders....jeans are harder though. Maybe because I was skirts only for a long time? Not sure. Usually I end up pairing my jeans with rather blah tees or oversized sweaters...not the most attractive!

  5. As soon as Bug and I read the title to your post we broke out singing. *smile*
    Love you!!
    xoxo Kay

  6. Your whole outfit looks great, but I am really loving that gingham blouse!


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