Monday, December 3, 2012

Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) - Taylor Swift

Can y'all believe it is December already? I can't. But, I have some fun posts/videos planned out for December. Plus, this weekend I'll be having a gift shopping guide going up! Anyhow, today it is time once again for another post in my Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) series. Today I'm focusing on Taylor Swift - who has a very vintage, yet modern style. Which is very me. In fact, to help me find all of my favorite outfits of her's I've made a pinterest board just for pictures of her - very handy.

Where does Taylor get her dresses? They are so nice & long. They would be an amazing length on me since she is taller then me by a few inches.
 I always love her colorful winter coats. Of course, I adore her floral dress paired with a neutral heel too. 
 Eep! I adore her polka-dot top, bow belt, and full skirt! Of course, her heels look very vintage-y too. LOVE. Then we have her cute polka-dot jean outfit on the right. recreate this look I just need some polka-dot jeans {which I would love to own someday, btw}. 
 I really love Taylor's make-up and hair. Her floral blouse & coral-y/pinkish/reddish jeans are cute! They have a kind of early-mid '60s vibe to them.

What do you think of Taylor's style? What is your favorite outfit of her's?


  1. Oh my! I don't think I can choose just one! They're all adorable! I would love to dress in more vintage items, alas my body type doesn't allow for it-so I content myself with retro vintage INSPIRED items -I.E hats, jewelry. People back then were so tiny, which I'm not! Oh well-occasionally I'll find a piece or two.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. I.
    And this is an awesome post! I really like that most of the time at least she wears modest clothes and her skirts typically aren't too short. I love her makeup and hair too. Very vintagy. She's awesome!

  3. Awesome! It is about time someone has put her in a modest blog! She has the cutest dresses anywhere. I wish I could find some similar at an affordable price. I have a heard time finding her type of dresses at consignment stores, thrift stores, even stores like Cato, TJMax, etc.

    Anyway, thanks I love it!

  4. Cute, Ash! Taylor does wear some great clothes. I love the bottom left picture, with her hair braided, sunglasses and red lips! I think she does a really great job keeping things classy, but with a vintage twist, and modest too!
    Big hugs!
    xox Kay

  5. She dresses very modestly and cute. :-) Her style wouldn't look very good on me for the most part, but she looks awesome!

  6. A friend of mine found some really cute polka dot jeans at JCP earlier this fall. You should see if you can find them! Hers are grey not-so-skinny-jeans with a darker grey dot.

  7. Ooo, I love all of them!!! Blue coat, yellow/floral dresses, polka-dot jeans... <3


    P.S- Super cute blog design, BTW. Are you going to change it every season like the ModCloth blog does?

  8. @Natahsa - Not all people were tiny back then, you could always look on Etsy for items in your size. :)

    @Hannah Barta - I love Taylor too. In fact, I'm thinking about do a beauty/hair/fashion video sometime inspired by Taylor.

    @Caitlin - You know what? I always wondered why no modest fashion bloggers had featured Taylor yet. As she usually looks so cute & modest most of the time.

    @Kay - You should totally copy that picture and do it yourself! *big bear hug* ~Ash

    @Rachel - Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to go check JCP out for those.

    @Charlotte - Thanks so much! Yes, I'm thinking about changing it every season, as I love changes. :D

  9. I love Taylor's style for the most part. :D She's very classy. I especially love her hair and makeup. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  10. Lovely. adorable, simple casual dresses. Taylor is so gorgeous! The floral dress is my fave among the selection.


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