Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I Wore | Going to see Les Misérables

What I'm Wearing: Gingham Blouse J.Crew Factory Outlet // Skinny Jeans GAP Outlet // Scarf F21 // Tote Bag JCP // Watch Betseyville @ JCP {gift} // Moccasins Payless Shoes // Peal Earrings Claire's 

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good. We just hung out around the condo down here in Florida, except for after dinner when me, Gaby, Hanne-col, our brother Nathanael, and our Mom went to go see Les Misérables at the local beach movie theater. The film was excellent, epic, fantastic -- except for a few inappropriate scenes. If you don't know already, all the this week the MP3 soundtrack is just $5 on  

Let's see here...I've done a lot of shopping while down here. For example three of the things I'm wearing in yesterday's outfit was bought on the trip & for really good deals. The gingham blouse I was able to get for 60% off the clearance price {it was supposed to be only 40% off} -- that was a fun surprise! The jeans were 50% off the regular price. While the moccasins were about 50% off at Payless. I'm hoping to film a haul video of everything I've bought once we get back home. Oh, if any of you want to know what I received for Christmas, you can watch my YouTube video right here.   


  1. How was the movie? You look lovely by the way. :) I had planned to see it with friends from church but read the review just before and decided it might be better to see by myself or just with girlfriends. Might be a little uncomfortable in spots with guy friends. ;) But I hope you had a good time!

  2. I went to see it today. Quite possibly one of my favorite films ever. I'm still soaking it all in. My sister can attest that I am very heartless when it comes to movies, and she was annoyed at me for crying so hard throughout the whole thing...

  3. I really enjoyed watching your video. I didn't know you could get record players! Do you know how much they go for? I am excited; I think I'm going to start looking for records now. :) I like your giraffe earrings, too. ~Lauren :)

  4. @Beth Ann -- The movie was fantastically, epic!! Except for a few inappropriate scenes & a sex scene {where not much is shown & it is shown as a bad thing for the character} (oh, this all in the first part of the movie). Yeah, I would feel uncomfortable watching the movie with guy friends. Otherwise I LOVED the movie!!

    Anon -- I hardly ever cry for movies {except for Doctor Who episodes & a few movies} but with Les Mis I cried a lot!!

    Lauren -- The record player I received for Christmas is from Target & it is $79.99. Here is the link:

  5. Aw! You look so pretty! And what great deals you got! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie - my cousin is dying of excitement to see it. ;D

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Ashley, I love your outfit! So cute! I went to see Les Miserables last night and that was the most I have ever cried in a theater. It was so beautiful! I just loved it.


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