Thursday, December 13, 2012

Packing and Traveling Tips

I've been thinking about doing a packing post for awhile now...since some years we do tend to do a lot of traveling and I've learned some things about packing & traveling. Well, anyhow, since we will be leaving next week for the beach I thought it was the perfect time to do this post. Plus, many people will be traveling for Christmas soon.

First off, when packing I like to make a list. I'm a huge fan of lists. But when I'm making this list I like to think about the following things:

- Where will I be going?
- What is the weather like there?
- Will I be outside a lot? Or will I be spending my time mostly indoors?
- What places will I visit?
- What is the main "style" of city I'm visiting? Is it more of a preppy town? Country? Beach? Upscale?
- Where will I be staying?
- Will I be eating out at nice places?
- What do I really need on my trip?
- Will I be able to wash my clothes?

You can see my packing list for the beach next week here. In fact, it is in PDF form so you can download it for future reference. 

If you are able to wash your clothes on your tip, less is better. I've discovered that I tend to want to re-wear my favorites while on a trip. So keep your packing light & try to pack a few of your favorites for your trip {I tend to have a lot of favorites that I need to narrow down when packing}. 

If you are unable to wash your clothes on your trip, put still want lots of options. Make sure EVERYTHING or mostly everything you pack into your suitcase mixes-and-matches. This way you can mix-and-match what you packed into a bunch of different outfits without over stuffing your suitcase {which I've been known to do}. 

Now I find it easier to pack lighter during the summer. As clothes are more compact and you don't need as many layers when it is warm outside. Of course, if you fly in the winter to a warmer location you don't have to worry as much about making sure to have clothes for all seasons when you drive to your location {like we do}. Since I don't do much flying, all of my tips will be for those who drive on their vacations.

Remember when I mentioned discovering the main "style" of the city you are visiting? Well, if you don't want to stick out as a tourist I recommend you follow this step. Me & my mom did this when we visited London, UK back in 2009 and people thought we were from the area. It always shocked them that we were Americans. Once you have a general idea on how the people dress in the area you visiting. Think about your personal style, and what you plan on doing your trip and adapt your trip wardrobe accordingly. Let me give some packing theme's I've come up with on my travels. 

Charleston, SC = Preppy East Coast
Chattanooga, TN & Atlanta, GA = Country Southern Girl
Los Angles, CA = Vintage Beach Girl
Boston, MA = Classic Traveler
London, UK = Fit in with the Locals
Walt Disney World = Comfy Yet Dressy 

~Packing & Traveling Tips~
- When I'm packing my bag I like to do a mix of the rolling method, and just folding everything as small & tight as possible. Of course, after all of your pre-planning you might still run out of room in your suitcase. This is when you must really think, Do I really need everything in this suitcase? I've discovered that I like to cram in has many favorites as possible into my suitcase {leaving me with a bulging suitcase}. Which is not good when you share a suitcase most of the time, or we are trying to fit everything into our minivan trunk. Plus remember, there is a chance you will buy things while on your trip {like clothes/shoes/etc...} and they will need to fit in your suitcase. So plan accordingly. 

- Charge all of your electronics before you leave. You don't want your batteries dying before you reach your final destination on the first day. You will be thankful later. 

- When traveling wear comfy and easy to slip off shoes. This applies not only to flying, but driving too. I know I enjoy taking off my shoes on a long car ride, but sometimes I need to quickly put on my shoes again so lots of buckles/shoe laces/boots can sometimes be not so nice. Of course, if you are traveling during the winter wearing easy slip-on fashion boots can be a huge plus in several ways {you don't have to worry about packing them!}. 

- If you like visual lists instead of paper ones, try making one on Pinterest. You can make it public, or private. 

If you would like more packing tips check out Lauren Conrad's book, Style. It is one of me & Gaby's favorite fashion books ever! We also highly recommend her beauty book too.

What are your favorite packing/traveling tips? Share them below in the comments. 


  1. Hi Ashley!
    I love your blog and I am a modest maiden like yourself. ;) I was wondering if in your spare time would you consider doing a book review on Lauren Conrads beauty book? I read her blog but I'm just wondering if basically her book has the same stuff in it as her blog.
    God bless you!
    ~Scottish Gal~

  2. Really great post! I love your packing list. So beautiful! Although I would include some sweats and pajamas to lounge around in. :) I like my comfort.


  3. Loved your packing list, Ash! You are very organized. *smile* I haven't ever made a list that thorough for my trip, but it looks like so much fun!
    I had a couple of questions... what kind of a bag do you pack your stuff in? A soft one (duffle style), a hard one, or a roll around piece? Also, when you say "train case" do you literally use your vintage case??

    Much love!

  4. This is so fun!
    I did something similar to this when my family and I traveled to the National Bible Bee. I took pics of all of the pieces of clothing that I was going to wear, went on PhotoShop and dragged the pics onto there to create outfits for the various days and events, then printed it out, packed my belongings, along with the list to help me along the way. We had days jam-packed full of volunteer jobs, so I needed a versatile wardrobe to work out of, and the picture list that I made helped me a lot with packing, etc.! Sorta funny though, I really didn't need it along with me on the vacation, because it was already in head after I had gotten it down on paper :)
    I have a very hard time wrapping my head around that type of stuff without it being down on paper (I'm a list girl too ;) ) so this was such a stress reliever!
    I think it would be fun project to make a "dream" travel wardrobe of all the things that you would wear to the beach, LA, etc. on pinterest or polyvore... a neat contest too-- hmmmm... ;)


  5. @Scottish Gal - Sure! I can do a book review of Lauren Conrad's beauty book. :)

    @Achaia - They are fun to make! They also help you not forget anything. ;-) I pack my stuff into a roll around piece {sometimes in a small one, and other times I share a big one with either Gaby or Hanne}. Maybe I could do a video, or take pictures showing how I pack my stuff? Hmm...ideas, ideas. Yes, I use my vintage case while traveling! It is so much fun! One of these days, I also want to have a vintage suitcase to pack my stuff into - as I think that would be a blast! ~Ash xxx

    @Charlotte - Yay!! Another list girl! Now, that sounds like a neat contest! I would enter that in a heartbeat! ;-)

  6. Oh Thank you so much Ashley!! :) I happily await your future post! No rush though! ;)


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