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My Favorite Holiday Movies

First off, Merry Christmas everyone!!! I don't know about you? But I love watching Christmas movies. This year I thought it would be fun to share my favorite movies that take place during Christmas, New Years Eve, and December -- making this my favorite holiday movie list. Also none of these movies are in favorite's order.

It Happened on 5th Avenue {1947}

A homeless New Yorker moves into a New Yorker Tycoon mansion when the owner goes south for the winter {the owner doesn't know} and along the way he gathers friends to live in the house along with him. Before he knows it, he is living with the actual home owners {who play along with the idea for their daughter}. Starring: Don DeFore & Gale Storm. This is one of my favorite Christmas films. Plus, Gale wears some adorable clothes too! Which is always a plus. *smile*

The Shop Around the Corner {1940}

Two employees at a gift shop can barely stand one another fall in love with each other through the letters they send each other as anonymous pen pal's. This is the original film that the remakes In the Good Old Summertime {1949} & You've Got Mail {1998} are based off.

I'll Be Seeing You {1944}

A soldier suffering from battle fatigue meets a young woman on Christmas furlough from prison {for accidentally killing a man} and they fall-in-love. Starring: Joseph Cotten, Ginger Rogers, and Shirley Temple. One of those tearjerking movies that is so perfectly lovely in the end.

Home Alone {1990}

Kevin, an eight year-old boy, is accidentally left behind when his family flies to France for Christmas. Whilst home alone he must become the man of the house and defend the home from burglars {and quite brilliantly too!}. This is one of those movies that I grew up watching on TV every Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Christmas in Connecticut {1945}

A magazine food writer has lied about being the perfect housewife must try to cover her deception when her boss and a returning war hero invite themselves to her farm in Connecticut for a traditional family Christmas. Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, and S.Z. Sakall. Very sweet & fun! Plus, Barbara Stanwyck wears some really cute clothes! Always a huge plus. *grin*

Miracle on 34th Street {1947}

Miracle on 34th Street is a charming story Christmas story. About a wonderful old man who claims he is Santa Claus and is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Gene Lockhart, Natalie Wood, and William Frawley.

Christmas Holiday {1944}

Army officer Charlie Mason meets beautiful Maison Lafitte hostess Jackie (her real name is Abigail Manette). She tells him the story of the decline of her marriage with the charming but unbalanced Robert Manette. When her husband kills a bookie his controlling mother tries to cover up the crime. When he is caught she and her son blame Abigail. Abigail, feeling guilty when her husband receives a life sentence, runs away from her husband's aristocratic family. Meanwhile, Robert escapes from jail and comes to see Abigail, but he is shot by police and dies in her arms. Starring: Deanna Durbin & Gene Kelly. This is one of my favorite Deanna Durbin films {I always wished she acted in more movies!} -- even if it is on the dark side. And Gene Kelly plays a very scary bad guy {that you believe him} -- it's freaky!

Holiday Affair {1949}

A lighthearted Christmas-season romance follows the story of Connie Ennis, a young widow who is a comparison shopper. While out on the job she runs into Steve Mason at a department story. Steve suspects what Connie's job is when she buys a full train set a little too quick and that has the exact amount of money ready -- tax included. She claims the train is for her little boy, Timmy. When she comes home with the train set, Timmy thinks the train set is for him and is devastated when his mother returns it the next day. I'll save the rest of the plot for when y'all watch the film. Starring: Robert Mitchum & Janet Leigh. This is one very sweet film and if you have never seen you must put it on your to-watch list.  

An Affair to Remember {1957}

Two people meet on board a ship en route from Europe to New York and fall in love. When they get off the ship they agree to meet six-months later at the top of the Empire State Building. Starring: Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr. One of those tear-jerking romantic films that is a classic.  

Meet John Doe {1941}

A man needing money John Willoughby, who was a former baseball pitcher, agrees to become a nonexistent person, John Doe, who was created by newspaper woman Ann Mitchell. This John Doe says in the newspaper that he will be committing suicide on Christmas Eve as a protest to what is going on in the world - thus a political movement begins. Starring: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Lockhart, Walter Brennan, & Edward Arnold.

Penny Serenade {1941}

While listening to a recording of "Penny Serenade," Julie Gardiner Adams begins reflecting on her past. Roger and Julie Adams had suffered a tragedy when she miscarries in an earthquake during their 1923 stay in Japan. After loosing the baby they are told that she cannot have children. They request to adopt a two-year old boy, but ultimately adopt a much younger girl as a two-year old boy is not available. They struggle to make ends meet and to keep their parental rights when Roger loses his job. When the little girl dies suddenly, the emotional strain threatens to destroy their marriage. In the end, they are offered the opportunity to adopt a little boy who matches their original request -- saving their marriage. Starring: Cary Grant & Irene Dunne.

Made For Each Other {1939}

John Mason, a young lawyer from New York City, meets Jane while on a business trip. After knowing her for only day he marries her and brings her home -- hoping to take her on a honeymoon. When arrives back home his family is disappointed with his choice as they hoped he would marry his boss's daughter -- which would give him a raise and a partnership into the firm. Jane encourages John to demand a raise and a promotion after winning an important trial, but with finances tightened by the Depression, Doolittle {his boss} requires that all employees accept pay cuts. After Jane has a baby, John becomes discouraged by his unpaid bills and by the tension between Jane and his mother, who lives with them in their small apartment. On New Year's Eve the baby is rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. Who will die soon unless a serum is delivered by plane from Salt Lake City.  Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Carole Lombard, & Charles Coburn. 

Alright, I think I'll stop here -- otherwise I might go on forever and this would become one very long post! *smile* I know I didn't mention White Christmas or Holiday Inn but that is because I still haven't seen either films. I keep saying I'll see them both but I never do. Oh, well. Maybe next year? 

Now, tell me. What are your favorite holiday films?


  1. I've seen most of those, and love them! There is just something about watching an old movie around Christmas, and drinking hot chocolate or tea. Oh, with a cozy blanket too!! One of my favorites to watch would be Little Women and An Avonlea Christmas.

  2. The old movie that I LOVE is "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart! :) I haven't seen "White Christmas" yet either. These movies that you posted look really good--I want to try some of them. I actually saw a play called "She Loves Me" based on The Shop Around the Corner, I think set in Russia. It was good, but for one inappropriate thing they put in there--I guess on a whim.

  3. I watched Christmas in Connecticut a few years ago and thought it was hilarious!! Great movie for the whole family.


  4. My absolute favorites are The Shop Around the Corner and The Bishop's Wife. I love the old Christmas movies and I was going to watch Christmas in Connecticut, but it was on my hard drive and the cable linking it to the computer went out. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you!

  5. My favorite is It's A Wonderful Life! I love Jimmy Stewart.....that movie always makes me feel happy and want to cry at the same time! We need more people like George Bailey in the world. :)


  6. You should watch White Christmas and Holiday Inn. I like them both, but I think I prefer Holiday Inn. I've also seen It's a Wonderful Life recently and thought it was ok. My family also watched Miracle on 34th Street recently and we all liked it.
    I really want to see Meet John Doe, and so does my mother. Sadly our libraries don't have it! :(

    P.S. Another of my families favorites is "An Avonlea Christmas". Definitely one of the best Christmas movies we've seen. If you haven't seen it already you should definitely consider watching it, but you'll have to watch all of the Road to Avonlea seasons before that because it's the reunion movie, and it might not make sense otherwise.

  7. I love White Christmas, but it is not deep or intense like some of these movies seem to be. It was available on Netflix instant at least for the Holidays.
    Have you see the often mention A Wonderful Life? I hated it, but I know it is a Christmas favorite.
    I will have to watch some of these. Some of my family watched Christmas in Connecticut, but I could not seem to get much of an explanation out of them.

  8. All of those are great! I also love "It's a Wonderful Life", and we like to watch "Bachelor Mother" around this time of year since it has some Christmas/New Year elements.
    xo Kay

  9. @Miriam -- Ooh, I haven't seen An Avonlea Christmas yet. What is your favorite Little Women version? Mine is the 1949 one.

    @Hannah Elise -- Ah! I adore It's a Wonderful Life!! I usually watch it several times through out the year. :)

    @Chrissy88 -- Oh, I love The Bishop's Wife too!

    @Purity Leigh -- I've seen some episodes from each of the seasons via YouTube -- but not all of them yet. But it looks like I really need to check out the An Avonlea Christmas movie.

    @Livia Rachelle -- Yes, I grew up watching A Wonderful Life. :) But since it is such a given classic {& I already included it in my movie list last year} I didn't mention it this year. :p

    @Achaia -- Ah! I should have included Bachelor Mother & Bundle of Joy in my list. Oh, well. I'll have to put them on my movie list next year. :) ~Ash xxx

  10. I don't really have any favorite Christmas movies, but after seeing Holiday Inn for the first time this Christmas, I love it <3 the songs are great and who can resist Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire? Heh heh :-) Watch it next time - you're missing out ;-) I have White Christmas ready to watch now for the first time as well :-)


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