Thursday, December 20, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 55}

It's I ♥ Thursday time once again! I have the rules for linking up below:

1. Be sure to have I ♥ Thursday in your post title. {You can copy & paste the ♥ into your own post. That is what I do.}
2. Have the button in your post, or link to back to me and have the button in your sidebar.
3. Share anything that you are loving right now. Tutorials, fashion, crafts, music, movies, recipes, quotes, what ever.
4. Have fun visiting everyone's link!

Bramblewood Fashion
Simply adorable!
*giggles* This is true.
I was recommend this movie whilst sick last week and I LOVED it! Plus, it takes place in Ireland.
   Another lovely movies, except this one takes place in Scotland! Hey does anyone know of a good, clean romantic comedy that takes place in England or Wales {and is not a period drama}? *grin*
Source: via Terri on Pinterest
Another lovely movie I just saw for the first time last week!
What are you loving this week? Either link up your post below, or let me know in the comments below. Oh, and don't forget to enter the current giveaway!

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  1. I saw your pin of the Ultimate Gift full movie and watched it! I LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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