Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! I realized I hadn't done many of these holiday outfit ideas posts this year. I used to do these all the time, but I guess I got out of the habit this year. Anyhow, Thanksgiving is this Thursday in America and I thought it would be amazing to share some outfit ideas for Thanksgiving Day. So without further ado, let's get started.

This year for Thanksgiving I'm into a more cozy, country, comfy - yet dressy style this year {yet, I still don't know what I'm wearing}. Anyhow....I think henleys, gingham or denim button-downs, cozy sweaters, or peplum tops would be amazing to wear. The sweaters can go casual or dressy {depending on several points: how you style it & what the style of the sweater is}.

Skirts for Thanksgiving

If you are going to go with a skirt for Thanksgiving, I think it best to keep it on the dressy side. You will look more put-together and it fits the occasion of being with family & friends. You could go with a plaid skirt {full or pencil}, a floral skirt is fun, as is a brocade skirt, but then again, you could go with a solid color skirt {again, in either a pencil or full}.

Jeans for Thanksgiving

I also think jeans can be dressy too, or if you are more the relaxed & non-dressy type of girl these are a perfect choice. That's the beauty of jeans {or a jean skirt}, they can be dressy or completely casual depending on how you style them.

Colored Jeans for Thanksgiving

I also think colored jeans are pretty amazing {hmm...I might go with this option personally}. Of course, I really love the mustard & plum for Thanksgiving {not sure why}. Ooh..the mint ones would look amazing with a grey polka-dot pullover sweater and grey heels.

Shoes for Thanksgiving

In case, you have no clue on what shoes to wear. Take a peak at this set...the perfect pair of shoes can really make an outfit, as can the wrong pair totally ruin a beautiful outfit.

Jewelry for Thanksgiving

Right now I'm not completely into necklaces, or is it just for Thanksgiving {hmm...not sure}? Anyway, I think a pair of cute & unique earrings would be great! Of course, if you don't have your ears pierced, you can go with a great bracelet {they have some really cute ones these days, or you can make your own with a DIY you can find browsing around on Pinterest}. But this year for Thanksgiving, just keep the jewelry simple {it will make it that much easier to hang with family, play some football, or do some cooking without worrying about your jewelry}.


  1. Great ideas, Ashley! I think I am going with a plaid skirt and turtleneck this year...maybe with some tall boots! :)

  2. Do posts pictures of your outfit, if you can!!! =)

  3. Loving the Modcloth plaid skirt!! =D

  4. I think I'm going to keep it simple . . . sweater with a necklace & jeans . . . and since we'll be inside most the day, prob'ly no shoes. I love those skirts, BTW!

  5. I'm probably going to wear my new 1950's inspired brown jumper, or my gold sweater and some nice jeans.
    I would love to see what you end up wearing. Please post about it, if you have the time.
    BTW, wear can I find that brown and orange toned plaid skirt? I've been searching for one like that for a long time, but can't seem to find it anywhere.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. That full plaid skirt is adorable! And I love red gingham blouses. :)

    Cute ideas!



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