Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) - An Education {2009}

I decided to do a twist on my own Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) post series, and switch the who to what for a change. This will give me many options in the future for the series. *smile* Anyhow, today's inspiration comes from Carey Mulligan in the film, An Education {2009}. Which by the way, I have never seen the film. I've only seen screen-caps online & listened to the soundtrack.

Love this look for a formal event! One of these days I would like to make myself a 1960s brocade dress.

Love her simple LBD contrasted with the white coat. Too cute!

I've always loved school uniforms, and this one is no exception. Plus, this is a look that is easy to recreate.

Can I just say, I have a weakness for 50s/and early 60s formal dresses. They usually have such interesting details. 

The perfect summer day dress! I want a nice floral summer dress one of these days. Of course, I would want mine to have a full skirt {they just look better on me}.

Which one of these is your favorite?


  1. I love love love the dresses and outfits in this movie, but I have seen the movie and was disappointed. Its not worth the time unless you want to just look at the costumes like I did. :) My favorite is the water color style one that is last. I love the colors!

    <3 Becca

  2. Ohh, I love the last one. So pretty. I need one like that... :)


  3. I don't really recommend the movie, wasn't all that great! But the costumes are LOVELY. :-) :-) I think Carey Mulligan is quite adorable too, I love her hair and makeup. :-)

  4. She looks almost just like Kimberly Nixon, who plays Sophy Hutton in Cranford. At first I thought it was her, but looked it up and found it not to be so. ;) In any case, I like all of her outfits! They're so cute and chic!

  5. I loved everything she wore in the movie. Amazing! The movie is one I love to the mother of daughters I found the whole thing quite distressing...but then again, I'm weird.

  6. You should totally watch this film, Carey Mulligan was fantastic! The costumes initially drew me in, but the story was amazing as well!


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