Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Wore | Graphic Tee & Blazer [+ Black Friday Haul]

::What I'm Wearing::
Navy Blazer -- Goodwill
 Oxblood Skinny Jeans -- H&M
Captain America Tee -- JCPenny
Boots -- Bass Shoe Outlet
Earrings -- Forever 21

Howdy everyone! How was your Thanksgiving weekend my American friends? Mine was fantastic! We've started watching Christmas movies this weekend: It Happened on 5th Avenue {1947} & Home Alone {1990}. When do y'all start watching Christmas movies? 

How was everyone's Black Friday? I found a bunch of things in-store & online for myself and for presents {in fact, I've finished ALL of Christmas shopping already}. If you would like to know what I bought, you can watch the following haul video that I filmed.

Now, about my outfit. I really wanted to wear my new Captain America tee today, so I paired it with my oxblood skinny jeans & a navy blazer {since the shirt is short sleeves & the weather has turned cold again here}. Anyhow, I can't wait to try different outfit combinations with this tee {perhaps with my pleated skirt & a blazer/or cardigan}. 


  1. :) I love your skinny jeans, but I am SUCH a pear that I could never look good in them.
    My family kind of just watches Christmas movies whenever . . . well, certain ones :)
    Did you find anything on Black Friday? (I didn't watch the video.)

  2. Cute! I pretty much love everything about this outfit, haha! I'm really itching for a pair of oxblood skinnies, but I haven't found a pair in my size and in just the right color. :P maybe I'll have to check out H&M!
    Ooh, and I love your tweed blazer! That is the cutest thing ever! It looks almost just like Eleven's!


  3. LOVE IT!!! It looks great with the blazer and jeans! Yep, I need a Captain America t-shirt. I just do. And when I get one, I will do an outfit post;)

    Sad to say, I have not watched any Christmas movies yet. I have been playing Christmas songs on the piano since October, but not movies...I think I shall remedy that tonight with either Meet Me In St. Louis or Holiday Inn. :)

    I've never gone Black Friday shopping, but I'm going to one of these years, just so I can say I've done it. ;)

  4. You sure did a lot of shopping... Do you work? How did you find the money to buy all that adorable stuff?

  5. @Hannah Barta -- Yes, I found some lovely things on Black Friday. A tweed blazer, a chiffon dress that I will wear as a tunic over skinny jeans, Captain America tee, shower gel from Bath & Body Works, cinnamon candle, wrapping paper, a Stila holiday eyeshadow set with a lip gloss, tights, green flats from Ruche, and a Paris sweater from OASAP.

    @Vicki -- You should check out H&M's, also Target has a great oxblood skinnies option!

    Thanks! It was partly because that it looks like Eleven's that I bought it. ;-)

    @Tasha -- You should get one and do an outfit post!! That would be simply fantastic! :D

    Well, Black Friday shopping is a ton of fun! Especially when you go with family and/or friends!! :)

    @Anon -- Yes, I have a part time job and sometimes I get paid to blog & I get paid by running ads on my sidebar. But, Black Friday is the one big time that I do a ton of shopping for the Fall/Winter.

  6. I really do read your blog, Ashley...I just don't comment hardly at all. So sorry! I'll try getting better at that:P

    I just HAD to comment on this post, though!!:) I absolutely loved this outfit. So simple, and cute, and Captain America-y... ^_^ Just darling.


  7. Hi Ashley,
    I'm usually just one of your anonymous readers, but I just had to say that your outfit looks absolutely AMAZING. It's probably one of my favorites...and that's saying something :)


  8. Omgosh I love your shirt! I'm a sucker for anything Captain America :) It Happened on 5th Avenue is one of my all-time favorite Christmas films, it's such a great movie but so underrated. I love your guys' blog!


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